3 Popular and Gorgeous Diamond Ring Styles

 Rohit Agarwal

You don’t need an occasion to purchase a uniquely gorgeous diamond ring, either for yourself or your loved one as getting a diamond ring is an occasion in itself. Choosing the right ring that also comes at a good cost can, however, be a task, especially if you don’t know or understand a thing about diamond rings and the different styles they come in. For your convenience, we have short-listed the three popular diamond ring styles for you.

1. Tiffany Rings

Tiffany rings are quite the rage among the young and the old as they offer a classy and stylish look. There’s no denying that this is one ring set that will always be in style, come what may. A plain band setting recognised by the design of it springs and knife-edge of its shaft, the Tiffany setting was developed by Tiffany & Co. to amplify light reflection on the diamond. Even today, it is one of the most envied and most treasured rings for a special occasion, be it an engagement or an anniversary. It comes with a raised diamond which helps to enhance the ring’s light reflection and vividness. The Tiffany setting supports many carat sizes and diamond shapes.

2. Diamond Solitaire Rings

The solitaire setting is the most popular setting for a diamond ring as it exudes a classic vibe. It is sometimes also known as the prong setting. A prong is like a small metal claw that holds the diamond in a vice like grip holding it in place. You can choose between rounded prongs, pointed prongs, V-shaped prongs and flat prongs. V-shaped prongs are used for princess-cut diamonds. A solitaire ring focuses more on the diamond and less on the metal. This makes sure that more light passes through the diamond so that the stone’s sparkle and shine can magnify to a greater extent.

3. Three Diamond Rings

The three diamond ring is costlier than a solitaire, but it is a versatile diamond setting that blends well with many occasions. The centre stone is usually larger than the other two side stones. The stones stand for the past, present and future, which is why it is used as a wedding or engagement ring to symbolise the couple’s togetherness. You can even choose the cut, clarity, carat and size of each stone. The most popular diamond shapes are the princess cut and the round brilliant cut. You can make this ring unique by personalising it with coloured birthstones.

So no matter what the occasion, there is no better way to seal the deal with a diamond ring. It is an excellent way to show your close ones you care as they are beautiful and they last forever. After all, the diamond may or may not be on the expensive side of things but the happiness it leaves your loved ones with is priceless.

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