Are Pens and Paper Dead? Is Handwriting A Relic?

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Today when I was sitting in my TV lounge, my brother asked me to sign a card for him. I first thought to make a funny drawing or write something really hilarious but I ended up writing ‘Best of luck - John.’ That was the time when I realized I can’t write anymore. Writing my own name had become he ll of a task for me. While trying to make a ‘J’, I drew a straight line instead.

The problem is, I don’t even get a chance to write anymore. All I do is tap letters on my laptop or mobile. Even my shopping lists or my meeting schedules are hidden in the mobile notes. For reminding myself about any important stuff, I simply type an email and send it to myself. This is what my life has become, all digitalized and computerized. And what are pens left for? For chewing their ends while struggling to think about something important? Or just to keep them in the pen holders for décor purposes? Similarly, think about papers. How often are they utilized and for what? To pile up under your laptop for a convenient height to type on? How inkless our life has become.

Then there are teenagers who hardly have ever written a love letter or have given handmade birthday cards to anyone. In fact, most of them don’t even own letter papers at home. A pen is max used by a teenager when he has to appear in exam.

This shift to electronic gadgets and digital media has made handwriting nothing more than a relic. Handwriting itself is a form of art and it should be given importance just like photography, sketching and painting etc. get.

However, there are people who are still fond of using pens and they really enjoy handwriting. Pen industry has gone through a downfall since everything got digitalized. But there are brands that have still maintained their name and quality on top.

Parker pens for instance, has revolutionized the world of writing with its ever evolving articles of writing instruments. The men of excellence prefer using high quality fountain pens as they consider them as a representative of their style, elegance and sophistication.

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