Five Reasons to Choose Managed Cloud Servers for Your Businesses

 Floriya Benson

The cloud technology holds a tremendous potential for the businesses. More and more people are seeking to gain from the internet using it commercially to expand their business reach. The businesses are moving their products and services over to the cloud and look to the thirds-party service providers to manage it for them. Managed cloud services allow the users to leave the technical aspects of the cloud computing on to the service providers while they focus on core business applications.

There are several ways a business can benefit with the cloud technology and if you still have not moved to the cloud, it is more than likely your competition will move ahead of you. Migration of your applications from your in-house server to the other servers is an important task. Cloud servers are not located remotely. This has been a cause of concern as the users are not exactly aware where their data is stored and if it is safe. This is where the capabilities of the cloud vendors come into service.

Your data is safe:

Managed cloud servers make sure that your business does not fall prey to the internet vulnerabilities. They encrypt the entire data while it is still on your in-house server and then transfer it onto their servers making sure there is no possibility of any misuse of the applications while in transit. Your site is protected with firewalls, anti-D-DoS and anti-malware solutions etc.

No technical expertise necessary

As the name suggests managed cloud servers are totally managed and maintained by the cloud vendors. You need not worry about having missed any software updates or security patches since the services are all automated and you get access to the latest technologies without having to put in any effort to upload or install them on your systems.

More reliable and ensures business availability and continuity:

Cloud is a network of interconnected servers. This means your websites can get their resources from multiple components. Even if one of the components is unavailable for some reason, your business is automatically diverted to pull resources from the other active servers in the network. Managed cloud servers thus eliminate any possibilities of downtime.

Resources are available on demand:

Managed cloud servers allow optimization of the resources. You can start on a low key with minimum resources if you are unsure of the likely traffic. The fear of traffic spikes slowing or pulling down your site is not there in the cloud. You can increase your resources at any time with just a few clicks and the required resources are added so that there is no pressure on your website. You can always reduce the resource capacity once the traffic rush subsides.

Cloud is affordable:

There is no upfront investment in hardware or software for you. Managed cloud servers use the pay-as-you-use billing model. The services are delivered over the internet and you do not have to buy resources in fixed plan basis as in traditional hosting. You have more funds for your business expansion with the cloud.

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