What You Must Know About Public Cloud Hosting

 Floriya Benson

Cloud computing technology has given rise to the Cloud hosting service. Cloud computing technology is one of the most innovative technologies. This cloud computing technology has enabled many computing machines to function like a single system.

The other hosting solutions such as dedicated hosting or shared hosting services depend on one physical machine only. But Cloud hosting is based on many servers. The security of Cloud hosting remains guaranteed because of these multiple servers.

Cloud computing technology has enabled easy integration of additional computing resources. These include integration of RAM, which in turn has helped in growth of websites and web hosting.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting provides many advantages to its users. The users have:

1. The guaranteed supreme performance level of their business websites as it is supported by multiple machines.

2. Cloud hosting provides ensured server resources to its users, such as CPU or RAM.

3. Cloud storage in cloud hosting storage stores those data that is no longer considered useful by the user, for the user’s future reference.

4. Cloud hosting guarantees uninterrupted running of websites as there cannot be any single point of failure in cloud hosting.

5. Cloud hosting provides tremendous flexibility to its clients which allow the website to grow as per the requirement of business.

6. Cloud hosting is incredibly cheaper and provides excellent features to its users at a low price.

Public Cloud Hosting

Public cloud hosting model is based on standard cloud hosting model. This public cloud hosting model is open for use to public. The cloud hosting service provider makes different computing resources available to public. These different computing resources include Virtual Machines, Storage or applications. These are made available to general public over internet. Many of the Public Cloud services providers offer these services for free of cost. Many Public cloud Service providers offer services on Pay as per Usages pattern.

Advantages of Public Cloud hosting

Public Cloud hosting offers to its users its utility price payment model. It is the biggest benefit offered by Public Cloud Hosting to its user. The user has the privilege of paying for his/her computing by the hour of computing work done by the user. The user needs to pay only for the period the server runs, not a moment more.

Public Cloud Hosting allows the user to have access to an application Program Interface. It allows the user the liberty of spinning up and to shut servers programmatically, as per the need of his/her computing work uses. This benefit is very useful to environments of test and research, where a massive number of servers are needed to be spinned up.

A public cloud service can be purchased by the user from public cloud hosting service provider, online. It is just diagonally opposite to private cloud hosting, where the infrastructure is customized as per specific needs of the customer. The public cloud hosting can be deployed and configured also online. It is done automatically via the public cloud hosting service provider’s website.

Public cloud hosting is indeed beneficial for those users who have limited hours of computing work. But one must be very careful in selecting the right service provider to have full benefits of Public Cloud Hosting, without any draw back.

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