Creating A Marketing Strategy With Email Hosting

 Shonam Singh

Email hosting offers several advantages to businesses.

By purchasing a bespoke business email package they can leverage the vendor’s advanced technology and experience the least latency along with industry standard uptime, scalability and dependability.

Moreover if the service is from the cloud, it also translates to no expenses related to IT hardware, software, bandwidth and staff costs.

Yet, the question arises as to the relevance of emails in the present marketing scenario.

Today social media marketing and smartphones have transformed the landscape of email marketing.

Businesses are finding social media offers better platforms for communicating or promoting their brands.

Company staff is increasingly relying on mobile devices because you can work on the go with the small screen setup.

Yet, emails are not yet history.

Email Hosting Services

Emails are almost entirely used for business communications.

As one business manager rightly pointed out, “The selection of the right medium for communication makes for a drastic impact both on the credibility and interpretation of your message”.

There is no any doubt that text based communication has several compelling advantages.

  • They are concise with absolutely no room for small talk.

  • The message goes on record. It is irreversible with no room for misinterpretation. For future reference it can be searched.

  • The message is precise as the communicator has to carefully think before he or she writes.

  • The messages are organized for future retrieval.

Yes, emil marketing is alive and robust. The statistics say it all.

Even today nearly 70% of marketers say email marketing is their core strategy.

Here are a few convincing reasons why they say so.

Email marketing allows you to objectively measure your results

With every email push, companies can monitor their delivery and open rates as well as the total number of click through they receive.

To make things clear, email hosts can calculate the email open rate by dividing the number of mails sent and delivered to the number of people who open it.

But at the end of the day, getting traffic is great but if it does not convert it is of no use to a business.

So the marketing mantra is to stick to the following:

  • Pay careful attention to the headline

  • Explicitly state the benefits of your products or service

  • Include effective calls to action

Emails and lead acquisition

A newsletter signup is a very important element of email marketing. You can reach out to prospects that are otherwise not so open to your product or service.

By creating a newsletter channel you start to build a relationship that can eventually lead to sales. In the absence of newsletters, prospects tend to ignore the company or brand.

It is no wonder for lead generation nearly 90% of B2B marketers leverage email marketing to generate leads.

It makes sense if we understand that emails are organic.

Situations are always transforming. Consumers may change or discard email addresses. If you get to know where your email communications are taking you, or evaluate the tangible benefits to your business, building a marketing strategy can be simplified.

If the above convinces you to move to email hosting, prepare your company for the move.

In all probability your staff is struggling with in-house IT services, trying to provide top class service within the available budget.

Luckily, new technologies and hosting vendors have made it easier to provide high quality service on reasonable budgets.

If you outsource email, you will soon discover that there is no any need to plan for redundant infrastructure to keep your service always up and running.

It is possible to get cheap email hosting services to start with. All that is required from you is list out your requirements redundancy, backups, security and the rest.

You should be able to get a cheap email hosting provider based on established features and costs.

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