Top tips for a fantastic Easter egg hunt, including exciting new Easter baskets

 Jacob Martin

The Easter egg hunt is a favourite family tradition, but it can be hard to make it exciting and challenging each year. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy tips and tricks to make this year’s tradition fantastic fun for the whole family and the best Easter egg hunt yet.

There are many wonderful Easter traditions that are great fun for the whole family, including exchanging gifts, giving Easter eggs, decorating bonnets and painting eggs. Perhaps the most enjoyable is the Easter egg hunt - a brilliant activity for the whole family that allows you all to spend time outside just as the weather is starting to improve.

The Easter egg hunt (typically) involves adults hiding chocolate or decorated eggs around the garden (although it is sometimes played inside too). The children then must find all of the eggs and collect them in a basket, with various treats or rewards given once they have all been found.

So, what are a few ways to make this year’s hunt the best one yet? Here are a few tricks and tips.

Hide homemade treats

Instead of hiding decorated or chocolate eggs, make your hunt a little more personal by cooking a batch of homemade treats to hide. A particularly good tip if your little ones have a favourite treat which you make for special occasions.

Provide clues

Make the activity more interactive and fun for everyone by providing the kids with clues as to where you have hidden the treats. It will also allow you to hide the treats in areas that the children may not think to look.

New baskets

Many families reuse the same baskets over and over again, or just use a bucket or tray to collect the eggs. Make this a more memorable hunt with new Easter baskets - you can purchase ones that are designed to be decorated, which can also be a special holiday activity for the family.

Fancy dress

Add some fun to this year’s hunt by getting the kids (and adults if you wish) to dress up for the hunt. The obvious outfit would be bunny ears and cotton wool tails, but you could find other Easter themes or can also plan for a get-together with no theme at all.

Extend the hunt

If you have a hunt every year in your garden, there is a good chance that you have started to run out of hiding places. Consider extending the hunt indoors and to the front of your house (provided this is a safe space or somewhere that you can supervise them). You may even have a friendly neighbour who will allow you to use their garden too.

Golden egg

Make one egg “the golden egg", and it will add some excitement to the hunt. It could be a large chocolate egg, some money or any other kind of small gift.

The Easter egg hunt is a family tradition, and the tips above will help you to make it one memorable event for years to come.

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