What Do You Need to Look for in a Financial Advisor?

 Taisha Jone

Are you struggling to find balance and purpose in your life? Well hiring a financial advisor or coach provides you a competitive advantage by using your time with proficient financial expertise that cuts through the confusion by teaching you what is relevant with a minimum of hassles. But how do the financial advisors excel in providing effective solutions for your financial problems? Financial advisors who look to transform their practices use coaching programs. Coaching for financial advisors teach the methodologies used by the industry’s elite practices. But today there are many distributors of products masquerading themselves as advisors. Hence, it becomes difficult to make out the real advisor and who is merely a distributor of products. Therefore, it becomes essential for the investors to understand who are an advisor and the qualities they need to look for before deciding to go with them.

Things you need to consider in a Financial Advisor

• Registered Financial Advisor

You need to find out whether the advisor is a registered investment advisor, who will charge a fee and will offer advice. Such person cannot be a distributor, and if it is so then that person is not supposed to advice you.

• Education and Qualification

Ask about the qualification of the advisor and enquire about the people in the advisor’s team and their qualifications as well. A lot many times it has been witnessed that the person who offers advice is not qualified at all.

• Experience

Try to find out the experience of the advisor in the field. The experienced advisors will be better from the investment point of view, though such experienced advisors come at a premium. Approach the advisors who can apply their knowledge to develop an optimal strategy for you.

• Market Reputation

Do search for the articles, quotes, blogs, reviews of the peers, etc. which will give you a deep insight into the kind of person you are dealing with. So, unravelling the reputation of the advisor in the market is of utmost importance.

• A Hoodwinker?

You need to observe the characteristics of the advisor. If the advisor starts talking about products and begins to put brochures & forms in the first 15 minutes, then you need to beware. Probably, the person might be a product seller and is there to sell his products.

To conclude, not all the financial advisors are created equal and a bad financial advisor could cost you higher fees. So, take your time to research about the potential advisors who can help you efficiently and can effectively plan & execute your financial goals.

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