4 Easy Steps to Follow When You Start Your Online Business

 Pierre FRAY
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Starting a new business can looks scary and, for some people, this can be difficult to know what are the right choices that you need to make. Here you will see 4 easy steps to follow in order to start growing it.

Do Advertisement to Make Your Business Known

There are so many way to do advertisement on the web that one of them has to be adapted to your business. Determine a budget before you start your ads so you can anticipate your costs on months. According to the size of your business, some ads can be betetr than others.

adwords can be expensive but it is so effective that you may want to look how it works (most of the time, big companies are using it). Find partners who are working on your market and can relay your different product or services.

Use forums to give answers to people who are looking for help, so they can see your profile and, on some forums, you can link your business in your profile.

Be innovative and create new services that your competitors don't offer, then advertise them.

But all these ads have to be calculated, you have to know where and when you will do an advertisement.

Check if Your Website is Working Well for all the Users

The way the user is moving around your different pages is a determining factor. That's why having "call to action" buttons is necessary mainly to avoid that the users leave your website after reading the homepage. Many users could leave because they don't want to wait minutes before loading your content so the website speed needs to be increased as much as possible.

Buying a CDN on your hosting provider might be usefull according to where your targets are coming from. It will totally make your website faster to open for the users, which also mean it is a benefit for your SEO.

Optimize your pages by Making them readable for all the devices (PC, tablets..)

Be informed about what are the main payment methods the users like to use and are adapted to their country.

Management with Your Emails

First, it looks more professional to have a unique domain name for your business (for example I'm using Webmail from OVH web hosting). Then look for email templates to send to your customers, create a customer list to send them news about your business and promote events, announcements or discounts on your services. It makes your customer spend more frenquently.

Having customers who trust your services and are satisfied with it is a very good advantage.

When customers are asking you something, they need fast answers so be sure that you are often available.

Publish Frequently

Publish through your own blog or on the most famous social media. Write regularly new content on it so that other known websites quote yourself.

Being consistent in your publications every week is a good way to show that you are active. This will bring traffic and can possibly expand your brand (but don't count on it too much)

Building strong foundations is essential to ensure your online presence for several years so it is necessary to take time and think about how to do.

One of the main things to do it is to have a huge knowledge about the market you are working on by studying what your competitors are doing and how they do it.

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