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You would have bought a lamp and may have chosen a beautiful photo frame as well. But have you ever imagined what a combination of these two look like? A soft light radiating through your wife’s smiling face and lighting your room up with its magical ambiance would make for a beautiful sight. But you do not need to imagine any more. There are a number of designs available to buy personalized lamp online now. But before you get to that, there are some questions which need to be answered:

What is a photo lamp?

A product which showcases a number of pictures and radiates light through them is a photo lamp. It looks like a combination of more than one picture framed together in the day time and can be used as a lamp in the night. The back lit element makes the photos look as if they are in real. The light enhances the color and contrast and adds a ravishing feel to it. This is modern way of conserving one’s special moments and making them timeless.

How are they made?

Though there are several methods of getting them done. Zoci Voci, the pioneers of this concept, use laminated printing on acrylic sheets and LED lights to ensure that your lamp remains the same for years to come. While ordering, you need to just select a design and upload the pictures for the same, and their design takes care of the rest. This brings to another question:

Which are the designs available?

Personalized lamps are classified in two ways. One is a method of choosing between the shapes and the other is based on their utility. A detailed guide to choose between types of personalized lamps is available here. (link this to the first article written: Topic: Types of Personalized Lamps)

For home décor, hanging lights are a good choice, while the rotating Nostalgia lamps make the cut for while buying a personalized gift online.

What is the average life?

The prints having been laminated with additional edge lamination will last for the life as they are neither in direct contact with the atmosphere or the light inside. The lamps made by Zoci Voci, use LED lights which have a better life over incandescent bulbs. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, the photo lamps are completely repairable from the bottom sheet, where the electric connection is done. The dust over external surfaces can be cleaned with wet wipes.

Why to buy them?

Saying them they are gorgeous to look at can’t only be the reason for buying a customized lamp. On utility front as well, they serve the purpose for both a picture frame and a night light. This not only optimizes the table space. But also, it is good for pocket. Buying this innovative personalized lamp online is cheaper than buying the two products separately.

When to buy a personalized lamp?

The customized nature of the product along with its unique beauty makes it a great buy for all occasions. But, this is an apt choice when you are looking for a unique anniversary gift. It is also a very good way to surprise a loved one on their birthday. With the beautiful pre wedding pictures radiating through a night lamp, this is a wedding gift that the couple will cherish for life.

So go on and have a pick of your choice. Buy personalized gift online and sit back to see the joy it brings to your loved one’s face.

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