Social Media Marketing 5 Killing benefits of social media for businesses!

 Timm Grant
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Businesses across the world are competing for market recognition and brand awareness. Large enterprises are not shy to spend millions even billions of Dollars to buy more Airtime on televisions as well as online channels.

But, where do small and medium businesses stand amongst this battle of the titans? They surely don’t have the financial muscle to compete with such large multinational organizations. So, does that mean they are doomed?

Well, when we are talking about digital marketing, we can be sure of free and fair marketing chance for everyone. Yup, that’s the reason why nearly 90% of businesses and digital marketing agency marketers alike prefer digital media marketing platforms to increased market penetration as well as raise brand awareness. Now, amongst the various techniques that make up the digital marketing suite, one technique that stands out is social media marketing.

Imagine a solid platform that can give you global reach available at the palm of your hand; almost free of cost. Yup, that's some benefits of social media for businesses. Today, digital marketers across the world prefer social media marketing to give businesses an instant boost of market recognition and increased market penetration. According to one research, over 95% of marketers prefer going with social media marketing platforms to boost their online revenues.

Here we will be looking at some benefits of social media for businesses:

- Business Branding

Remember, if your business isn’t a brand, it’s just another commodity. Well, we aren’t sure who said that but this is as true as it can get. Branding is the epitome of marketing success for any business and social media marketing delivers you just that.

Social media platforms offer businesses one of the most competitively priced and highly efficient marketing platforms to enhance your business visibility and marketing penetration. By pursuing an aggressive and tactfully designed marketing strategy for social media platforms, you can easily transform your business into a brand. For instance, if you want to invest in social media marketing Houston, you can precisely target the Houston population in your ads, thereby massively improving on the ROI.

The essence of branding lies inconsistent and instant interaction with the customers. Remember, branding isn’t all about quality, rather it’s about the overall shopping experience of customers and social media platforms and that precisely what social media platforms are meant for. As soon as you create a marketing page for your business and start churning out content for marketing purpose, you can directly interact with the target audience and let them work as your free marketing agents. Each post, like and share what you get for your posts will contribute to the overall network of your business and in a short time, you’ll be able to organically reach large numbers of potential customers.

- Organic Traffic

Another great benefit of social media for businesses lies in its ability to bring increased organic traffic. Now, generally, businesses tend to rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to attract traffic to the websites, which although is a highly successful and competent method but takes a long time to produce desired results. Contrarily, producing content on social media pages can help you increase inbound traffic to your site instantly.

Each post that you share on your business page will serve as a gateway to your website and an opportunity to access a new client. Now, things get even better when we look at the targeted marketing for social media pages. With some highly precise and high-quality filters, you can easily aim for the target market, thus increasing chances of conversion optimization (converting visitors to customers).

- Increased Google Ranking

Businesses pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in terms of search engine optimization in an effort to get higher search engine rankings over Google. For instance, search engine optimization services from digital marketing agency in Houston might cost you thousands of dollars in total cost over a year, however, you can get an indirect push (inbound traffic) from social media marketing Houston page at a fraction of the cost (even at times free of cost).

Remember, higher Google ranking directly translate into better website traffic and more revenues. While social media don’t directly impact the search engine rankings for websites, still by diverting more users to your websites as inbound traffic (from social media pages) it helps businesses get increased organic traffic and better search engine rankings.

- Customer Satisfaction

To be honest, there is no better medium to increase customer servicing than social media platforms. By enabling businesses to directly interact with customers in real time, it offers a great opportunity for businesses to improve their customer servicing. And as we have already discussed above, branding is all about client servicing, thereby, social media actually help businesses to transform into the brand.

- Increased Conversion Optimization

Lastly, another great benefit of social media for businesses is better conversion optimization chances. I mean, just club all the points that we have discusses above and bang; you have the perfect recipe to optimize your business for higher conversion optimization.

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