Why Businesses Prefer Using Cheap Windows VPS Hosting In India over Other Hosting Options

 Floriya Benson
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If you are using a shared hosting platform for hosting your website and finding it tough to deal with the challenges of a growing enterprise with the limited features that this platform offers, then it is time to migrate to the next level of hosting. Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS hosting is recommended for websites that are growing fast and unable to keep pace with the demands on the website with shared hosting. VPS hosting is of two types – Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. You can research companies offering cheap Windows VPS hosting in India to find out a reliable and reputed service provider.

Before you go shopping for VPS hosting service, it is important to understand what exactly it offers and how it functions. In VPS hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a large server. It is not the same as shared hosting because, in VPS hosting, each website is hosted in an isolated environment and can hence operate independently. VPS hosting is designed to give users full control over their server operations and comes with an enhanced level of security and superior efficiency when compared to shared server hosting. Before settling for cheap Windows VPS hosting in India, make sure you look at the features offered by the service provider.

Windows VPS hosting is preferred over Linux VPS by many organizations as the former is powered by advanced technology and software systems that assure consistently high performance. Windows VPS is the best choice for companies that use Windows technology in all areas of their business. The hosting solution can merge and work seamlessly with Microsoft systems and tools to ensure high quality performance. Windows Operating System has been acknowledged globally as one of the easiest to work with as it is user-friendly, customizable and efficient as well.

The Key Features of Windows VPS Hosting are:

  • You get full and unhindered core access for better management of your private server

  • It is possible to shutdown, boot, reboot the VPS server independently without affecting the status and performance of other websites on the server

  • Companies can create a superior virtualized platform using the unique Hyper-V technology of Microsoft

  • The hosting service offers a unique IP address and RAM

When you choose VPS Windows hosting service from a reliable and experienced provider, you can enjoy regular backups and quality support round the clock delivered by qualified technical experts. Windows VPS also allows customization of many features to the extent needed to meet the needs of your business situation or environment.

Cheap Windows VPS hosting India from a server host with many years of experience will help you secure your business operations comprehensively. The hosting solution comes with the technology for providing the highest level of security for your data and system. With such superior levels of protection, you can rest assured that there will be no instances of attacks or unauthorized access to your vital business files and documents.

There are many hosting companies offering cheap VPS hosting India services but do not sign on the dotted line without conducting ample research on the various options available.

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