Six Advantages of Sending Money Online to India

 Reuben Williams

If you have a relative who is employed abroad, then you must be aware of the process he/she uses to send money online. Money transfer promises a hassle-free way of making the payments. If you are unsure about the advantages of money transfer, then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, we will enlist you the benefits of money transfer online.

1. Good exchange rate- Money Transfer is a way better option than traditional bank transfer because here the money is traded on the live exchange rates. Thus, it gives you a chance to earn better investments on your hard-earned money. They also give you a choice to fix the exchange rate for the future.

2. Fast and convenient- Another reason why an online transfer method is preferred over conventional methods is that it is quicker and faster. The transferred money arrives on the same day of transfer. Thus, you have two options at your disposal; either you can tap the better exchange rate or go for an immediate transaction in case of an emergency.

3. Secured way of making the payments- Sending the cheque via post can be a bit risky option. There is always a possibility of being lost or stolen in the midway. If it lost in the process, your bank may charge late fees or penalty for it, and it may hamper your reputation too. If the cheque is stolen, the attackers may get access to your bank account details, and it could be potentially draining situation. You can send money online instead of cheque option because it gives you instant confirmation when the payment is made.

4. Hassle free and convenient- Money transfer is a way better option than traditional cheque method because unlike cheque, which may take 5-6 days in processing, money transfer process is initiated fast. And the amount is received within a day. The speed of transaction makes it a much better option to meet the emergency. This in turn also helps you to avoid late charges and other incidental charges that may levy as a result of late payments.

5. Easy to track status- The surge of online money transfer can be attributed to the fact that it is available on the dedicated basis and an individual can easily track the status of the transfer. Each and every step is visible and helps you with an order tracking. Your shipment status is available at any time you want.

6. Peace of mind- Online money transfer through the padlocked sites is safe as they follow highest guidelines to make your payments safe and secure. This, in turn, gives you peace of mind. Apart from that, there are no hidden fees or charges associated with this method. This makes a huge difference.

These pointers will make a compelling case of those employed abroad to send money online through reputed banks like ICICI or money transfer agencies.

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