Factors to Consider Before Investing In a Commercial Space in Gurgaon

 Mohit Sharma

Due to its incredible infrastructure, Gurgaon has emerged as one of the best places in the country to set up an office in. Housing more than 250 Fortune 500 companies, this city provides a good corporate neighborhood and a reputable business address to any enterprise opening their offices here.

While investing in a commercial space in Gurgaon to set up your office would be a good idea, there are a few factors you should keep in mind while doing so. They are:

· Location: It is imperative for the commercial space to be located at a prime neighborhood, so that both your clients and your employees do not face any problems in commuting to your office building. It would be highly beneficial if it is located in an area having a good social infrastructure, so that your various stakeholders can visit various recreational facilities and other such establishments whenever they need to. One of the best locations to invest in a commercial project in Gurgaon would be in the neighborhood of the Golf Course Extension Road in Sector 62. This area is considered to be one of the major urban commercial and residential hubs of the city. This neighborhood houses a number of modern entertainment units, shopping centers and recreational complexes as well. Additionally, you can even find several multi-specialty hospitals along this region and therefore can easily avail quality medical facilities in the time of any emergency.

· Aesthetics: The popular phrase, “first impression is the last impression”, stands absolutely true in a professional environment, it plays a key role in building the reputation and goodwill of your company in the mind of your clients. The décor and designing of your office space would have a major part to play in forming this first impression, and assist you in reflecting your utmost level of professionalism and sophisticated tastes. It would also be advisable that while investing in a commercial space, you take a note of its architecture and designing theme. By investing in an elegantly designed commercial unit, you would be able to impress every person that steps into your office premises.

· Security: With the increasing crime rate in the modern cities, it has become extremely important for every establishment to have state-of-the-art security system. Having a good security system can help in safeguarding your company’s personnel, assets and equipment. Therefore, before selecting a commercial space to set up your office in, do make sure that it has a functional multi-tier security system. The security system should ideally comprise of:

o CCTV Cameras in all common areas

o Manned security guards throughout the premises

o Access controlled passenger elevators going up to office floors

o Access control in all parking levels

In addition to the above mentioned features, it is also recommended that you choose an office space that has been accredited with the IGBC Gold Certification. This certification essentially signifies that the establishment has been constructed keeping in mind the relevant environmental concerns and its sustainability. To find premium commercial projects in Gurgaon you can easily check out the websites of some of the major real estate companies of the country, especially the ones having substantial experience in building commercial properties.

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