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 Jyoti Yadav
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The most teenage children lost their imagination. They always think about cartoons and animated characters. Cute small girls think about dolls. So, they find their cartoon character in anything and adapt their style to their real life. If you are the parent of a kid and you’re kid birthday is coming, you can give surprise to your kid at their birthday it is the best way to celebrate your kid birthday with happiness and joy.

If you want to buy a cake for your child you can order online from the best cake shop in Mumbai which provides fresh and delicious cake at an affordable price with same day delivery.


This cake is looing a real Barbie which design in pink rose texture and yellow flower. Most kids love this cake because this cake looks the same as their animated character.


Rose is a fragrant flower and most people love rose and buy for their loved ones same as most kids love rose if their rose is present in their favourite animated cartoons. They will happier. If you find rosy Barbie cake for your kid, you can visit online best cake shop in Lower Parel Mumbai which has many designs of kid’s cake. Best cake shop provides the fresh and luscious cake with reasonable price and delivers the same day.


Princess Barbie cake is made with strawberry and white cream. This cake is the design of pink Barbie texture. the cake top side a Barbie is and with pink and flower texture and some white flower is made on them.


Floral Barbie cake is very attractive in look. It is decorated with pink rose and yellow flower texture. It is internally whipped white cream. Its top side is a pink frock design Barbie is standing that give attractive look than other ordinary cakes.


Strawberry doll is a favourite dessert. It is very luscious in look. Its design is very unique and new. It is design red flower texture.

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