Understanding Cloud Hosting Solutions & Services

 Floriya Benson

Cloud hosting in India is progressively becoming more and more popular because of two specific reasons. They are curtailment of operational cost and curtailment of capital cost. This has become possible because of the advanced user friendly web infrastructure. Cloud hosting solution is a completely evolving paradigm where no specific server is associated. Cloud is a network connected set of servers and the computing is not done in any internet connected device or any computer.

Cloud hosting can be categorised as a subscription-based service that enables the subscriber of the service in getting advantages from networked storage space as well as resources of the computer. In a more lucid term, this hosting type can be defined as the hosting solution that accommodates storage capabilities as well as raw computing power of both software and hardware of computer that is delivered as one integrated entity in a sophisticated management.

What is its need?

When you avail a cloud hosting plan with adequate features you will get three distinct benefits –

Lower operational cost

Lesser investment need

Need of fewer skilled IT resources

All these attributes are the reason why more and more small to medium sized businesses are adopting cloud hosting products, no matter whether it is public, private or hybrid.

When going for cloud shopping, to get advanced solution you have to check whether your service provider is providing you with the following services –

Maximum elasticity of service

On-demand self service

Broader access to network

Resource pooling capable of creating multi-tenant cloud environment through either on-server virtualisation or shared common network

High level of availability

Highest degree of scalable infrastructure

Secured data and application environment

When you approach a service provider of cloud hosting in India, the first thing you need to chalk out by discussing with the service provider is formulation of a cloud strategy. This is required because all businesses needs are not same.

Different Types of Cloud Hosting Solution

There are mainly three types of cloud hosting solutions and they are public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. The third one is the amalgamation of the first two hosting solutions. Hybrid cloud lets you get the best of both public and private cloud by striking a balance with the cost.

1- Public Cloud

Public cloud hosting is a multi-tenant cloud hosting system where a single tenant can buy either a part of the cloud server. This is the cloud version of shared hosting. Few beneficial aspects of public cloud include effortless server base expansion ability, amazing scalability, instant provisioning, more affordability, and pay as you use payment structure. It is most suitable for the small to medium sized businesses and companies.

2- Private Cloud

Private cloud hosting in India is a scalable hosting solution that comes with redundant as well as agile IT infrastructure, thereby benefitting an enterprise. It is the most suitable for the large enterprises with large capital and operational outlay.

3- Hybrid Cloud

This brings in the best of both worlds – public and private. While the information with enhanced security requirements are computed in the private cloud, the ones without much security are computed in the public cloud.

These are the three kinds of cloud hosting solution.

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