Target the Right B2B Prospects With Technographics

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dartboard bullseyeBusiness-to-business has become big business, with B2B data absolutely flooding the modern marketplace in recent years. However, is more always better? When it comes to B2B marketers, it's essential to understand that there is more to unearthing relevant, actionable data about their target consumer base than simple demographics. Companies using Salesforce or similar CRM software should understand that demographic data, while important, is just the tip of the B2B marketing iceberg. Learning how to harness the full power of available B2B marketing tools can give you the competitive edge, help you target prospects more effectively, and drive your decision-making processes so you can improve those all-important conversion rates and increase your overall ROI.

Tech-savvy marketers know that targeting the right B2B prospects means understanding their technographics. Companies using Salesforce to help pinpoint their core audience can take prospect mining one step farther by incorporating technographic data into their ideal client profile. By fully understanding the purpose and applications of technographics, B2B marketers can find more success in getting their message to the right prospects at the right time, which will lead to an increased conversion rate and improved ROI that can take their company to the next level.

In order to keep an edge on the competition and make sure that your B2B marketing efforts are directed at the right target, it is essential to understand each company's technographics and use that data to drive marketing decisions. Technographics, sometimes referred to as technographic data, is a vital part of market research and analysis, as it gives B2B marketers valuable insights on prospects' usage and preferences of electronic devices, social media sites, and their "tech stack" - i.e. what technology they have installed. Using technographic segmentation data, marketers can determine whether their prospects need help with one operating system over another, as well as how the companies they are targeting use technology to conduct business, send and receive data, and access media. With technographics, B2B marketers can concentrate the bulk of their time and resources on the channels that appear most likely to reach ideal prospects with their campaign, reducing spend across the board and ensuring that they are connecting with their target market. After all, if you sell SalesForce consulting, you would be best to use a list of companies using SalesForce.

In addition to providing B2B marketers with the ability to better engage their core audience, using technographics can also give them an in-depth understanding of their prospects' behaviors and attitudes regarding use of technology. This can help marketers more effectively push a specific product or service to the prospects who would benefit most from it, while marketing other products or services to companies whose needs are different. Technographic segmentation can also allow marketers to create more effective nurture campaigns, as the data provides scope for assessing prospects' current needs as well as predicting things they could use to help them in the future. Technographics give B2B marketers a unique lens through which to view their target audience so that they can customize their campaigns accordingly- a strategy that can be considerably more effective than simply putting a message out in the ether and hoping it is seen and heard by the right businesses.

Technographics have revolutionized B2B marketing, and continue to make great strides in giving marketers valuable insights into the behaviors and attitudes of their targeted consumer base. However, without an understanding of how to use technographics to your marketing division's best advantage, simply having the data on hand will not allow your campaign to reach its full potential. Companies using Salesforce can build on the demographic data they already have at their fingertips and use technographics to further segment their target audience. In this way, the messages you send are likely to be met with more interest, resulting in the conversions you're looking for and improving your company's ROI. Don't get left behind by your competition- put technographics to work for your business today, and prepare to see the difference it makes!

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