Astonishing Brand Visibility Hacks for 2018

 Dan Radak

When people speak about success and results in percentages, they often forget that the sample on which the results are made make all the difference. For instance, 1 convert out of 2 visitors to your website is a 50 percent conversion rate, while a single convert from 100 visitors makes your conversion rate at only 1 percent. In theory, the first method is 50 times more efficient, while in practice, the difference in your profits remains the same.

In other words, instead of just focusing on conversions, you also need to find a way to boost the visibility of your brand and draw some traffic to your website or steer them towards your stores. Needless to say, this is one of top concerns for New Zealander entrepreneurs in 2018. Here are some visibility hacks for you to consider.


1. Referral program

The first method you can use in order to boost the visibility of your brand is to start a referral program. The way in which this works is fairly simple, you give your visitor a reward for every single person they bring to your website or every single person they convince to register. The reason why this is so efficient is due to the fact that it gives your audience intrinsic motivation to give you word of mouth referrals. In other words, by directly working for their own material benefit, they’re indirectly promoting your brand. The simplest way to check how this is going is to start monitoring brand mentions via a media portal from New Zealand in order to find all the answers you need.

2. Infographics

Another thing to understand, when it comes to the appeal of your content is the fact that infographics seem to be at the peak of their popularity, at the moment. Why? Well, most people skim through written content as it is and infographics are as skim-friendly as it gets. Information and key points stated there are organized in themes with subtitles and thematic images. This helps with graphic orientation. Also, most statements are supported by numbers, which makes these infographics linkable and shareable.

3. Promotional products

It is also important to take your brand outside of the confines of the digital world, which means that you need to take it out to the streets. The easiest way to do so is by distributing promotional products to your customers, partners and team members and hoping that they will use them in public. Some may fear the cost of this promotion technique, yet with the option of bulk t-shirt printing, the ROI behind this marketing strategy can be quite formidable. Apart from this, there are some other methods you might try to use, like TV ads, billboards and even street art (like guerilla marketing), if this can fit your marketing budget.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are yet another means of business promotion that’s worth exploring. First of all, it’s beginner-friendly, seeing as how it can be started with some basic equipment, even if you decide to make a basic studio and do some audio editing with premium software. Compared to some other promotion techniques, these expenses aren’t really that great, to begin with. The best thing about podcasts is not just the fact that they have return audience, but also the fact that these people feel so strongly about your topics that they might just share and recommend your content to their friends.


5. Influencer marketing

Lastly, while some prophesized that the influencer marketing was on its last feet, this still doesn’t seem to be the case. Think about it, compare the number of people who click on ads voluntarily with the number of those who look at Instagram stories or read Tweets from their favorite celebrities. The number of engagements on the latter is completely staggering, which makes influencer marketing one of the most efficient inbound marketing strategies to date.


Truth be told, most of these trends are already used by most brands in 2018, yet, those who fail to recognize the efficiency of these trends need to reexamine their marketing strategies as soon as possible. There’s much to be gained, and even more to be lost, if you allow yourself to become the only one left behind, once this massive innovation finally starts.

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