The Need of Server Colocation India for Your Business

 Floriya Benson

Today’s competitive business world does not allow any laxity. You must look for the most efficient ways to manage your business. Your primary concern should be to cut down the expenditure on your IT.

Server colocation India is a web hosting option that allows a drastic reduction in the IT expenditure of an organization. It is a process where you place your server at a third-party data center rack and utilize the data center infrastructure such as bandwidth, power etc.

Although it could be more expensive than the other web hosting services, it proves to be cost-effective and beneficial in more than one way. You get enhanced bandwidth, better physical security, preferred hosting systems and access to the latest technologies and more time and resources to focus on core business applications.

How is server colocation India beneficial?

Nil investment on infrastructure:

Housing your computers on-premises require you to buy power backup equipment and accessories to supply your machines energy at times of power outages. You must keep your premises cool to save the systems from getting heated up and blowing up. This again calls for investment on air-conditioners and heat removal units. In addition, the safety devices and personnel to maintain them all cost a big amount of money which you save by colocation.

Better reliability, security and business availability:

When you colocate your server, they are housed in resilient data centers and the providers abide by all the rules and regulations as laid by the different governing bodies. They commit to strong SLAs and have the best of engineers working for them who offer around the clock monitoring of the infrastructure. You can be assured of the maximum uptime and lowest latency.

With the server colocation India providers taking care of the server related aspects, your in-house technical staff get more time for developing business- related applications. The data centers have far superior security measures that include lockable cabinets, biometric access, safety alarms, CCTV monitoring, mantraps and around the clock manning by armed security officers. You cannot afford to block your finances if you are a small growing business and rather use it for business growth.

Easy migration:

In case you are migrating from one location to another, server colocation India works out a feasible option since your IT continues without the need for shutting down as you must do in case you have in-house servers. The other alternative is to host two domains paying for both (at old premises and new location) the lines till the time the relocation is complete. This can complicate things and prove expensive. You can choose the managed colocation services in case your new premises is a little away or in different city and commuting is a hassle.

Total control:

You have total control over the server. The server colocation India provider will ask you to give authorized employees who can access the server. They are provided with biometric key cards and the security personnel will accompany them whenever your staff visits the data center. You have complete freedom to increase the load in case you find your website taking longer time than usual to load. Unlike in traditional hosting, you do not require permission from your host to make changes to your server. You have access 24/7 to your server round the year.

Data safety:

Since your entire IT applications are at the server colocation India premises, your data is safe and secure even if a disaster strikes your business premises. Since the top colocation providers offer 24/7 customer support, you can talk to them at any time to recover any lost data.

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