Bridal Gowns: Tips to Unite Comfort and Beauty

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Did you think you should give up your glasses during the ceremony? Not quite! If you are a bride of glasses the important thing is to feel at ease, happy and safe, without changing your way of being. Today we show you how to have comfort and maintain your style.

The biggest concern of bridesmaids is to be perfect on this one-of-a-kind day, and to make sure that all accessories fit with the wedding gowns in Dubai. But the top priority is really being comfortable and not letting anything bother you. It is estimated that 25% of the population needs to wear glasses during the whole day and does not adapt to the use of contact lenses, even if sporadically.

For many women the glasses are already part of the personal identity and for the ceremony can provide a stylized option that accompanies the time and the decoration of the wedding. If you are considering opting for lenses on the day but never used before, you need to be aware of some details. Remember that it's a special day and these little details need to be analyzed so you do not get annoyed. In addition to the makeup and accessories that make up your look, the wedding hairstyle will also need to be set in harmony with the type of wedding gowns in Dubai that you will wear.

Authentic finishes

There are many different types of frames that gracefully combine the style of the wedding gowns in Dubai with glitter embroidery. Various types of materials and complements, such as rhinestones, that leave the glasses very original and perfect to turn it into the high point of your visual identity.

Innovative formats

Currently we find styles with very spontaneous frame formats, which make the design of the glasses different and totally special. If the bride makes a point of adding a specific design to her frame, she will be amazed at the possibilities that can be found from the current rounds, from heart to romantic brides, with flower hippie feature, so-called "kitten glasses" for a vintage touch and the half-moon that are trend in 2018. Bold and charming, if it suits your hairstyle stuck in the wedding and also to makeup, why not rock on this special occasion?

Colors for all tastes

If the bride makes a point of maintaining the tradition of the classic, wearing a pair of white glasses will leave the look balanced and neutral. If the chosen one is a beautiful red bridal bouquet, opting for the frame in the same tone will bring a strong touch to the look. And to follow the custom of wearing something blue in the day, the bride can invest in a blue frame and dare in an elegant way.

Contact lenses

If you are thinking of using the lenses in your day, but never used, you should take into account that you need to have an adaptation time. Many people do not get used to it and, during times when tears are shed, lenses can bother. So before you think about the text of the wedding invitation, you should see an ophthalmologist to give you the best alternative in advance so that you can prove them.

Accessories used with wedding gowns in Dubai so common in your day to day can be renewed for the ceremony and if you were afraid of compromising the look, know that with the various possibilities that the market offers you can combine the frame with the color of your wedding shoe. And if you want to add an even more personal touch, you can put the wedding cake or just the bride and groom, and leave them very unusual!

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