Conform to the Norm: The List of Public Order Crimes and Their Legal Consequences

 Caleigh Martin

One of the common crimes punishable by law are against public order. They’re crimes or actions that go against society’s accepted ideas of normal social behavior and public perception of morality. Most of these crimes disturb public peace and will likely end up in someone getting injured.

Public order crimes may inflict harm or disrupt the everyday life of a community. Thus, the state creates laws for its citizens to follow societal standards and respect public order.

As a good citizen, it’s crucial that you know what constitutes a public order crime. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Here's a list of public order crimes that you should know for you to act accordingly.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving under the influence, whether it’s drug or alcohol, often causes vehicular accidents that lead to severe injuries and even death. As a deterrent to such accidents, many countries implement laws that penalize people who are drunk or drugged behind the wheel.

The sanctions for violating DUI laws vary in every country. In most cases, the enforcing authority may seize the driver’s license of the violator, impose fines, or put the person in short jail time. Those with habitual offenses often end up rendering community service and some even get their driver’s license revoked.

Nowadays, enforcers use high-tech tools such as blood-alcohol calculators and hand-held breathalyzers to determine if the person is under the influence.


Prostitution is an activity that deviates from the norms of society. Although prostitutes are generally women, there are also men who are into the sex trade. People who are in prostitution make profits by selling their bodies. Typically, there’s a pimp that will accost and negotiate with the short-time sexual partners of the prostitutes.

Prostitution is a big business, and it’s one of the factors for the increasing numbers of people who have AIDS. Although some countries now regulate prostitution under public health and employment laws to mitigate the problem of sexually transmitted diseases, many countries still implement strict laws against prostitution.

If arrested, misdemeanor charges can be put forward against prostitutes and those people who hire them. On the other hand, authorities can file felony charges against pimps, especially if their prostitutes are minors.

Drug or Substance Abuse

The abuse and selling of illegal drugs are among the crimes that go against the norms of the society. In the US, for instance, meth, heroin, and cocaine are three of the top drugs used by people who are hooked by drug addiction. These drugs are harmful as they cause mental instability and other delinquent behaviors.

Most of the crimes committed against persons and property are drug-related. It’s either the violator is an addict or is a member of a drug cartel who commits crimes to further their business. That’s why it’s not surprising that governments are strict in implementing drug laws to prevent the abuse and selling of illegal drugs.

A person who’s dealing or using illegal drugs can serve years in prison depending on the laws of the country. In some cases, Drug possession and the selling of such substances carries even heavier sentences than just drug usage.


Paraphilia is a sexual desire or activity that society considers as a deviation from norms. Sadomasochism, voyeurism, pedophilia, and exhibitionism are the sexual acts that fall under the category of paraphilia. Laws penalize these immoral sexual acts, especially if there’s force involved or the act is not consensual.

Pedophilia is more than just having sex with a minor. It is the most serious form of these abnormal sexual acts which often happen in coordination with syndicates who engage in human trafficking and distribution of pedophillic material.

Depending on the laws of the country, a pedophile can serve a penalty of life imprisonment or even death. Those who serve light sentences are registered in a database as sex offenders where some of their personal information are readily made available.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is a broad term, but to put it simply, it involves acts that disrupt or disturb the peace of the community. Willful obstruction to the traffic, loud music in a residential area, and interrupting a formal assembly fall under the category of disorderly conduct. Enforcers may give a violator a short time in jail or impose a fine for this violation.


Governments create laws that penalize deviant public behaviors to preserve the public peace and societal norms. As a good citizen, it’s essential that you follow public order laws to avoid paying violation fines or serving time in jail.

If ever you commit the crimes mentioned above, you can look for an attorney on sites like to help you with your legal needs. In the end, it’s your choice and innocence that matters.

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