Sadaqah jariyah : Know More About It Here

 Jamea Al Kauthar

Sadaqah jariyah is an act of voluntary ongoing charity and it is one of the easy ways to help those who require support. Individuals can get involved for Sadaqah jariyah and can donate for both short and long term basis. There are various forms of charity in Islam. Some of the forms include Sadaqah and Zakat. There are significant differences between these two main types of charities. Zakat is one of the key components of Islam and considered to form five pillars. Sadaqah is purely voluntary and helps in bringing various benefits to both donors and recipient. Sadaqah is divided into two main catagories namely Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah


It is a voluntary charity which includes love, passion, generosity, faith and compassion. The act of Sadaqah doesn’t always include doing charity in terms of money or physically but it also includes doing good deeds, giving each other smile , lending helping hand to each other and guiding individuals to follow the correct path of preventing evil is also considered to be a key part of Sadaqah. All these individual efforts should be carried out with Allah SWT in mind.

Sadaqah Jariyah

Another type of chartable act is known as Sadaqah Jariyah. In this act, the main solution is to provide voluntary support and give support to those individuals who are in great need. These acts of Sadaqah Jariyah help both the recipient and the donor as well. What is an important point to note here is that both the acts of charity: Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah are considered to be not only faith but also helps both the individual to follow both Allah and Islam. The main difference between them is the way by which one can perform this procedure and get benefit.

The Benefits of Sadaqah in Islam

Sadaqah Jariyah is considered to be one of the most prominent charitable ways in Islam by which any individual can do charity. There can be various ways of doing Muslim charities uk but Sadaqah Islam is one of the most important ways that can help an individual to connect with Allah and Islam. It is also seen that various schools such as UK Islamic Schools also teach Sadaqah. In Islam, there are always benefits of doing charity and it is believed that rewards of charity are so great that it can get lots of good benefits in this life. If you are looking to do some kind of charity during lifetime, then Sadaqah is one of the most important ways to get rewards. If you are looking for getting rewards for these acts then you must do charity in Islam.

Many people even perform Sadaqah Jariyah on behalf of the near and dear ones in order to give them a better life ahead. Also it is said that if you perform Sadaqah Jariyah on behalf of their loved ones then it can give great rewards to benefit the deceased.

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