Accommodation Modes of Kerala an Influencing Factor of Travel and Tourism

 Broad Bean

Tourism in Kerala is one of the fastest growing business sectors which contribute greatly to the economic development of the state. This is one main reason for the state government to support and promote tourism. Apart from the travel destinations and the other travel destinations in the state, it is the hospitality sector that facilitates the growth of travel and tourism in Kerala. Most of the travel destinations of the state house some of the best unique mode of accommodation which makes the stay in Kerala more adventures and thrilling. Being the best holiday destination to the south, the place houses a number of the best mode of luxurious accommodation like hotels resorts and more. Most of the hotels in Kerala which are located to the cities are beat facilitated and luxurious whereas the state also houses a number of hotels like broad bean which offers the travelers with budget accommodation under affordable and cheaper rates. Most of the best cities in Kerala offer amplest hotel accommodation with best modern and European interiors which would fascinate the tourist visiting the state to explore the city life in the place. Travel destinations like Kochi also offer homestay where the tourists are allowed to enjoy a homely stay at cheaper rates with best facilities and traditional Kerala meals.

Unlike the cities in Kerala, the wildlife destinations of the state are one of the greatest places which offer the travelers with one of the best adventurous modes of accommodation, the tree top stay. The state to the south is well known to house some of the best wildlife destinations like Wayanad, which is a place where travelers could experience the best tree top stay enjoying the nature and the wild to its best. Most of the adventure junkies and nature lovers prefer enjoying a treetop stay as that is one mode of accommodation where you experience the wild from a closer range. Lucky travelers could even see the wild animals from a very close yet safe range. All these are experiences that one could not enjoy by staying in a luxury hotel which all best facilities. Most of the treetop resorts in Kerala also offer luxury stay for travelers opting for the same. But the stay in luxury hotel in Kerala would be completely different from the one you could experience in the wild. Fresh air, nature, less pollution, populations, and noise are all things which are unique about pure nature. By enjoying a stay in the tree top resort travelers could build a positive vibe and freshness within.

Apart from the forest destinations and cities, Kerala houses one unique water attraction, the backwaters. These fascinating inland waters are one of the greatest tourist attractions of the state that grabs the attention of the travelers from different parts of the world. One main attraction of the backwaters of Kerala is the houseboats that offer accommodation facilities to the travelers. Unlike the hotels, the houseboat stay offers the travelers with not just great accommodation but also allow them to enjoy and explore the complex inland waters of the state. The backwaters of Kerala being one main travel attraction to the south the state government have also put forward a number of projects promoting the growth of backwater tourism. With some of the best-facilitated modes of accommodation, Kerala is now one place where the travelers could enjoy a peaceful stay.

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