how to play escape room games provided by escape club sao paulo .

 henry hocks

Escape room games are real life physical adventures games in which an individual or a group of individuals solve the puzzles in a trapped room for their freedom .It could be very interesting tough to escape from a locked room by searching for hints, clues and all possible ways out .Real escape games were introduced by a Takao Kato 35-years old Japanese and later on real escape rooms developed worldwide in every country.Now real escape games are famous internationally.

Escape room themes and stories

Every escape room had the different theme to make the game interesting.When a player enters the room he gets feelings of being there in that era.Puzzles and clues differ according to the theme environment.There are some interesting themes which are exclusively provided by

Sherlock Holmes -Mysterious Investigation

This theme will take you to the old London in which mysterious attacks and killings are happening and the whole city is in panic.

cities great detective Sherlock Holmes was last hope to solve the swear cases and to arrest the criminals but he is also arrested by authorities!Now you are the one to solve the puzzles and mystery!

Bad peoples are out there terrorizing the citizen .controversial crimes and complex mysteries are unresolved.Why Sherlock Holmes arrested ? the whole city wants justice and to get rid of criminals.What would happen to Sherlock's unresolved mystery? Who is behind this?

Escape Club's room: "Mysterious Investigation Sherlock Holmes"

You had to work on sherlock's pending investigation and to resolve the mystery by yourself.You and your team will find the small clues in room .you had to be very conscious sherlock's draw full of files may help you to find some hints.

Escape Club is giving you a mystery whole city is in danger even cities great hero Sherlock Holmes life is in danger .you had to reveal the truth by finding clues and your team is last hope for the whole London.Task is to capture the enemies behind this win or lose it's up to you.Wish you best of luck!

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci made his own particular school-workshop in Milan, where his understudies were specifically required in the artistic creations, as well as helped da Vinci in his investigations. Be that as it may, not every one of them could be a piece of the favored: just skilled and capable understudies were chosen. The Grand Master had an answer for filter through a great many supporters and open the insider facts just to the individuals who merited it. He had a room where future understudies were tried. Among his works, for example, canvases, thinks about, models, portrays and so forth loaded with strange riddles, there was a shrouded conundrum that alone the best could tackle. You will go into a similar room that has been shut for a considerable length of time. It is safe to say that you are ready to pass the Leonardo da Vinci understudy choice exam? We will affirm this in the event that you discover the exit from the shrouded room.

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