3 Mistakes to Avoid during GRE Preparation

 Ana Wilson

Knowing the things you are required to do when preparing for GRE is as important as knowing what not to do. It is very often that we might listen to our friends regarding GRE study tips and GRE strategies that who have gone before us to get a sense of how to make ourselves ready for the exam. So should we rely on this anecdotal information that if they (friends) did okay, why can’t we? Well, no we should not.

The fact of the matter is that we should try to get a better result by using the criteria apt to our own needs. Here, we will show a better way of approach for your preparation, the ones that are more methodical, practical and achievable in order to get the result you are looking for.

  • Mistake 1- Studying for the last two weeks

How much can really be there to learn in a span of just 2 weeks? Because, if nailing GRE were that easy then everyone would be doing it. You should go for a practice exam and see how you perform. After doing the exam, look at the score. Is it the score you were looking for? And if you are satisfied with the result, then are you sure that you can produce the same result again? No? This is because a two week preparation is unlikely to ensure the same performance and hence, you need to let go of the idea ASAP. GRE is not designed in such a way that a two-week preparation will affect the most people’s score.

  • Mistake 2- Studying on Weekends

Are you of the opinion of living a normal life during the week and becoming a test samurai on the weekends? Well, if it is so then it is a reasonable compromise. Remember, the more you are immersed in the skills required to perform in the test the more you will be able to utilize your skills when the time comes. So, spread your study hours across the entire week and you will notice an upswing in your performance eventually.

  • · Mistake 3- Reviewing the Questions you were Wrong at

Figuring out the mistakes you made is very essential, but what about the questions you got right? Looking at the right questions might seem to be a waste of time for you, but it is not. Right answers can hide from us the way we approached to them. Might be that you used the wrong strategy, but you got the right answer anyway or you might have just guessed it. Getting to the same answer faster than you did before is always desirable, but the only way to it is checking your correct answers methodically.

Remember, there is no single perfect way to prepare for GRE because there is no single type of person taking the GRE exam. Don’t just rely on Google searching for GRE study tips and GRE strategies; rather figure out what actually you need as a GRE aspirant and then accordingly give yourself opportunities to start fulfilling those needs.

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