Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools for Taking Your App Business to the Next Level

 Hemendra Singh

In a recent survey done by Statista there are 3.6 million mobile apps available in Google Play Store. Apple’s app store has 2.2 million mobile applications.

These are the statistics for the year 2018. Another survey report generated by Satista, says in the year 2017, Apple generated a record-breaking revenue of $300 million. In the year 2017, the total number of mobile app downloads was 197 billion. A source is Statista. All these latest statistics indicate the boosted speed of mobile app development and downloads.

In simple language, any product or service is sold whenever demand is generated. In this world full of technology, almost everything mankind does is related to technology. Internet, electricity, smartphones, are the basic needs these days.

This is an amazing change! Now how does the demand for mobile apps increase? Mobile app companies are generating a greater revenue these years since every small or large organization wants to have a mobile app.

Mobile application helps organizations in branding. It is also a direct medium for marketing. It increases customer loyalty and displays information 24x7 for user access. There are various reasons why small to large scale enterprises are trying to have a mobile app.

Users find apps very useful. The total number of time spent on the internet by users has 90% share of applications. Since the app economy is increasing, the top app developers are looking forward to better improvements and upgrades in technology.

Developing a mobile application is a very easy task. But easy cannot do good sales! A simple mobile app with no cool features will have very fewer downloads and developers will face a huge loss. While developing a mobile app, the methodology or procedure includes various stages.

The initial stage is requirement gathering. Client explains what exactly he desires to be there in the app and accordingly developers design and develop. But this is not enough if you want to deliver a quality app. It is very essential to get in a bit deep; what exactly the customers think. For this purpose, mobile app analytics tools are used.

What are mobile app analytics tools?

In any business, each thing is kept track of. Be it revenue, user’s time spent on your app, number of downloads, number of uninstalls, etc. While developing any mobile app, the mobile app development company considers utilizing some analytics tools.

These tools help organizations understand end user’s requirements in a better way. After all, the end user is the person who decides whether the app is a hit or a flop. These different tools have different functions and features.

There are 3 types of mobile app analytics tools.

1. Marketing analytics- These tools analyze the number of downloads and purchases. These are basically used to figure out ROI that is the return on investments.

2. In-app analytics- This type of tools analyze what users are doing with the app. It analyses which feature is most liked and most used. Developers can use these tools to improvise poor and weak areas in the app that users are finding difficult to use or find useless. Developers can also improve features that are most popular and liked by the end users.

3. App performance- These tools identify pages that makes app crash and folds that make app load slower. It also checks that does the mobile app perform better on one brand’s devices and performs not so good on rest of the brand’s devices. It also checks the errors and data transactions.

Here are the top 10 mobile app analytics tools:

1. Countly- Countly is a real-time as well as an open source mobile analytics tool. It delivers real-time crash reports for all mobile brand devices. It helps the mobile app development company to increase loyalty and engagement with push notifications.

Countly tracks custom events, devices, individual users, and drills deep into the data. It is open source in nature and hence users can create own plugins.

2. Apsalar- This mobile app analytics tool is free! It measures performance and returns on investment. It segments end users based on events, funnels, cohorts. The best part about this tool is that it has a customizable dashboard. That means developers can choose what result they want to see first on the top.

3. Localytics- There is a trial version which is free. This mobile app analytics tool works on these platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HTML5. The best part about this app that you can build your own queries! It analyses unlimited apps in the free version.

This tool compares your app with others in term of users, sessions, etc. It is extremely easy to use. It displays data such as App usage, users, sessions, events, attributes, and reports.

4. Firebase analytics- This tool is acquired by Google. It is absolutely free of cost. This tool offers unlimited reporting. It gives information about which users are engaged, which are the most liked features in the app, which push notification works the most.

It also offers revenue reporting. Developers can also find data on events, conversion rates, user properties, and audiences. These insights are used to run PPC ads on Google platforms. This tool also offers the facility to create custom dashboards.

5. Google mobile app analytics- This is one of the best mobile app analytics tools in the market. It delivers data such as the number of users, number of sessions, duration of each session, device model, geography, operating system, etc.

You can analyze what actions are made by the user inside the mobile app. You can also measure the amount of money spent by users inside the app. It analyses user behavior too. It also measures the amount of time user requires to perform a specific task.

6. Asking point- This tool is also free. It works on iOS and Android platforms. It offers data on usage, devices, versions, and demographics. Developers can analyze how exactly users use their app. Developers can also conduct special survey or poll with the selected number of users.

7. Fabric- This tool was originally built by Twitter and acquired by Google. This mobile app analytics tool offers real-time data on crash reporting. These tools analyses what could be the issues in future and alerts developers about those issues so that developers can take proactive steps.

It also offers real-time tracking of active users. To boost user engagement, this tool allows developers to inject live social content. This has free as well as paid version.

8. Apple app analytics- This amazing tool offers data on iOS and tvOS apps that no other third-party tool can offer. This tool tracks and counts users with the help of Apple ID to get precise data.

It shows which marketing channel is performing the best and offering highest returns on investment. It also offers data regarding active sessions, retention, number of devices, and crash analytics.

9. Flurry analytics- This tool is a Yahoo Developer Network product. Developers can measure user activities. It tracks user’s actions and understands usage trends. It can also fetch user’s data such as age, gender, language, geography, etc. Churn rates can also be calculated.

10. DevMate- This tool is an app management and distribution platform. It offers comprehensive marketing metrics with real-time conversion rates. It calculates the exact number of downloads, visits, and sales. This tool also shows which marketing channel performs best and which marketing campaign is doing great.

Here are the benefits of mobile app analytics tools:

  • Increase in activation
  • Increase in retention
  • Higher engagement
  • Decreased uninstalls
  • Reachability

Conclusion: The mobile app analytics tools can offer various benefits that lead to better app performance and satisfies the end users.

For any business, the core data is very essential to analyze performance. On the basis of these analyses, the mobile app development company decides strategies.

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