How Building Apps at Scale Can Help You Accelerate Digital Transformation

 Hemendra Singh

Digital Transformation refers to the use of digital technologies to improve business strategies. In other words, we can define the digital transformation as a paperless approach leading to the digital business maturity. The digital transformation is useful for all types of business firms.

It helps in improving the business operations, products, marketing strategies, objectives, and more. In this article, we will discuss how mobile apps can speed up the digital transformation.

Mobile Apps play an important role in accelerating the digital transformation. Today there are lots of apps available at the play store. These apps help the business firms or individuals to grow their business. We can consider the apps as the catalyst which has the power to accelerate the digital transformation.

If you are a mobile app developer, you can take an advantage of Digital Transformation. For an instance, you can develop a mobile app to boost your business. This will be the auspicious step for boosting your business.

Now, a question arrives in our mind why are apps considered as one of the most supportive pillars of digital transformation?

Mobile apps are one of the budget-friendly tools to promote a business. If you know the Android applications development, it is a plus point for you. Otherwise, you can look for an Android app development company which can develop an app for you as per your budget. It is the most convenient way to speed up the digital transformation.

According to the data collected from a survey, about 75% of the Americas check their mobile phone more frequently (in an interval of an hour). This percentage increases as we go globally. Also, in the upcoming years, this time period will decrease due to the increase in the number of smartphone users.

Let’s see how apps can help in accelerating the digital transformation. There are many reasons for building apps to speed up digital transformation. Have a look at a few a few of them

Apps can increase the number of customers

It is clear from certain surveys that the maximum number of people use their smartphones as a medium to spend their free time. Hence, if your business app is installed on their phones, it will definitely boost your business. Moreover, if your app has good features and attractive design, it is mostly liked by the users.

According to a survey, almost 90% of the time on mobiles is spent on apps. Hence, building apps at scale will definitely help you accelerate digital transformation. Moreover, if the users find your app useful, they will support your business by sharing your app with their friends.

Take an advantage of pop up notification technology

Thanks to the pop-up notification technology, it does not let us miss even a single piece of information. You can use this pop-up notification technology as a tool to promote your business. Add pop up feature to your apps. So that, your customers will remain updated with every information about your product. This will increase the traffic on your website and will finally boost your business.

Mobile apps can increase the traffic on your website

Most of the users prefer visiting a website on the desktop as compared to mobile phones. The reasons behind this may be many.

  • The website is not clearly visible on mobile.
  • Some of the functions of the website may not work on mobile.
  • Loading time of a website on mobile is sometimes more as compared to that on the desktop.

Even though load desktop site option is also available in web browsers, still users prefer to use mobile app of a website. Hence, it is a good step to develop a mobile app of your website. So that, the maximum users can visit your website from their smartphones.

All in all, you can use the mobile apps to boost traffic on your website with less effort.

Apps can boost the user experience

Due to the advancements in the technology, users won’t like to compromise with their comfort zone. For example, if you want to buy something, then it is easier to place an order using the mobile app instead of visiting the website on your laptop or computer. Hence, if you develop a mobile app for your business, it works as a tool to accelerate the digital transformation.

Do note that a mobile application with more unnecessary features and frequent notifications is disliked by the users.

Use mobile apps for branding

Think out a situation in which there are no mobile apps. Hence, without mobile apps, branding is like as a herculean task. The mobile apps play an important role in increasing the popularity of a website. Mobile apps are a great tool to promote a business.

With the help of mobile applications, you can brand your products among the maximum number of people. Hence, there are greater chances of selling your product. You can develop the mobile applications which will notify the users. Such information may contain the latest offers, news, etc.

Be visible to your customers all the time

As we know that the users are impatient. Also, it is difficult to answer the questions of the customers at the time they posted them. If the users do not get the answers to their questions, they may stop visiting your website. This leads to the decrease in traffic of your website.

But, apps make it simpler. You can develop an app which notifies you every time the customers post a question on your website. Hence, you will be able to clear all the queries/doubts of your customers immediately or within 2 to 3 minutes. This will increase the activity score on your website. Due to which, you will start getting positive reviews from customers.


The number of app users is increasing day by day. Hence, developing mobile apps should be the foremost thing to accelerate the digital transformation. Take the advantage of the technology in promoting your business.

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