9 Ways How to stay motivated and Finding Balance in Business

 Kaus Liam
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Staying Motivated

To stay motivated, Here are a few trick you can use.

  1. Remember your goal and what you are striving for
  2. Write it down and look at it each day
  3. Make note of all your progress
  4. Balance between Work Ethic and Playtime
  5. Celebrate your victories
  6. Give yourself challenges and conquer them
  7. Plan, Prepare and Execute
  8. Act Now
  9. Do things that you Love

1 - Remember your goal and what you are striving for

You should have goals, they should be big and there is nothing wrong with wanting it. Because we shouldn't be living life like it was an accident, we should be living the life that we are meant to and only you can decide what that is. Every single one of us have an amazing amount of potential, we just have to strive to acheive it.

2 - Write it down and look at it each day

I know it sounds silly but write down your goals. If you can, make a dream board. This you can do physically, virtually or mentally but I suggest physically if you can. Have it in your room so you can see it when you wake up and when you go to sleep every day. This will be a constant reminder of why you need to keep pushing.

3 - Make note of all your progress

Sometimes your goals are so big it would take an extreme amount of time to get there. Well progress is always a major motivator. So make sure to give yourself benchmarks on your path to achieving the goal. This will always make you feel good because you know you are getting closer to it.

4 - Balance between Work Ethic and Playtime

I believe that this is one of the hardest things to guage. However once you find the right balance for you, things will pick up nicely without you feeling that you are never living life. One of my favorite quotes is from Access Ballroom's post about Balance vs Work Ethic, where they say "You have to decide what are the levels in each for you to feel a balance vs work ethic."

5 - Celebrate your victories

We sometimes work so hard that we forget to celebrate the victories and the achievents. Why strive so hard if it mean nothing... Don't forget that your goal is noteworthy and deserves it's time in the sunlight. Take the time to celebrate with a loved one or even alone, because you will meet people.

6 - Give yourself challenges and conquer them

You do not hit those high amazing goals by giving yourself the easiest task. You should challenge yourself. We grow the most when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations because we have to grow to overcome them.

7 - Plan, Prepare and Execute

You can't just wish to be successful and rich, sit there and do nothing with it happening. It reaquires planning and preparation for what you need to do. Then you need to execute it. Which you can't do if you are just sitting on your butt doing nothing.

8 - Act Now

A lot of times we get bogged down by the how, the why, the where etc... Sometimes you just need to know the what and then do it. The rest will fall into place. The best laid out plan means nothing if you do not act on it. Time will not wait for you and the world keeps on moving around you so move with it

9 - Do things that you Love

Now this is my favorite part. Sometimes the world gets you down, but even on the worst days if you are doing something that you love then you feel uplifted. One of the best quotes about that is from MC Gil Bee's motivational posts, Motivation ! " There is always something that lights up your eyes and makes you happy. " It feels worthwhile and you get to wake up each day feeling blessed. This makes you realize that you'll never want to give that up.


I hope this helps you to get to your Goal and I wish everyone the best

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