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4 Simple Tips for Improving Your GRE Score

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GRE may not be the most difficult exam in the world, yet a tricky one. If you have already taken this exam, you must be aware that scoring around 300 is not that difficult, but crossing 320 barrier, which is counted a good GRE score, is indeed a challenging one.

For a high score, of course, you need to work hard and prepare strategically. You need a solid plan to do so keeping the action of the plan and a clear timeline in mind.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to improve GRE score.

Preparation Level

First, you need to assess your preparation level, means to know exactly where you stand and what are your strengths and weaknesses. You can do it be practicing plenty of questions or taking mock tests. GRE is a long, stressful and challenging test, so you must have a set target for the exam.

Enrich your Vocabulary

Almost 50% of the verbal ability section tests vocabulary. Vocab section of GRE includes text completion and sentence equivalence based questions, and you need to know that the words tested are often uncommon ones you rarely come across in everyday life. You have to choose between options that are very challenging. Therefore, you need to build a powerful vocabulary where you must know every aspect of a word including meaning and usage.


‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’ You must have heard this Chinese proverb. Practice will make you understand the question pattern and assess your level of preparation. Try to give priority to quality over quantity while practicing. Make sure that your practice sessions are realistic; once done check the answers and analyze those questions you couldn’t answer, you go wrong, you took too much time to solve.

Manage Stress

You may not have considered, but stress can significantly affect your GRE score. Anxiety badly affects your preparation, and it may elongate the duration you are taking to solve problems while your practice sessions. For example, if a student gets worried about one question s/he is unable to solve; it may affect him/her in two ways, first, student will realize it is okay to get a few question wrong. But if student takes pressure of solving each and every question right, things may go wrong. It is impossible to avoid stress, but keep your approach positive to stay away from anxiety as much possible.

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