10 Must have Features in an On-demand Flower App

 Hemendra Singh

On-demand flower app

There are millions of applications in all app stores. Have you ever thought what can you do with application development? Just the way people search answers for every question on Google, now there is one or another app for every situation.

Are you planning to start a business? All you need is huge research. It is important to know that every app idea has something good. There are different types of mobile apps including music streaming apps, games, video streaming apps, event booking apps, photo editing apps, etc.

In all these apps, there is a type of app that is so common these days. It is called on-demand apps. On-demand app development services are generating new ideas to offer great services to end users. Every mobile app development company wish to start an on-demand app due to the huge success of current apps.

UberEats is an online food ordering app. It allows users to order food from anywhere. Once the order is placed, the restaurant confirms it and sends it to the customer with a delivery guy. The app assigns delivery guys to pick and drop the orders. The restaurants are given a certain time limit to prepare the order. Users can pay after receiving the delivery or they can pay online.

Sounds cool right? Such on-demand apps are not restricted to food only. On-demand app development companies have created apps for grocery delivery, cab services, medical services, beauty services, etc. Nowadays, there are on-demand apps for almost everything. People want everything at home. So why not flowers?

It becomes really difficult to keep your loved ones happy in such hectic schedules. People are too busy to take out time for friends and families. To make your loved ones happy, you can gift them beautiful flowers.

Has it ever happened with you that you wish to gift someone something but are confused? What to buy as a souvenir is a tough question. Flowers are the most common yet beautiful gifts.

In this article, we are going to tell you what features should on demand app development services add in an on-demand flowers delivery app.

If you are trying to start a startup of flower delivery app, consider these features:

  • Offer same day delivery:

Whenever a user orders flowers from your application, make sure the user is getting delivery on the same day. Real-time delivery is very important since it is an on-demand app. It can help users who are struggling with eleventh-hour hurry. Keep the stock full so that you do not run out of flowers.

  • Customization:

This is a must-have feature in flower delivery app. On-demand app development services should allow users to decide the design of the flower bouquet. It can create a sense of uniqueness and users can find it interesting to use the app. Users can select their favourite flowers and arrange them as per their wish.

  • Personal note:

Allow users to add a personal note in these apps. Users can write and send a small message with the bouquet. This feature adds a personal touch and user can show their feelings in the form of the note. Offer them different templates of notes. If a user is unable to think of something unique, allow them ready-made notes like ‘happy birthday’ or ‘get well soon’.

  • Hire different artisan florists:

By hiring different artisan florists, you can offer a wide range of designs in the app. Different florists can offer different types of bouquets. Also, allow users to select florist of their choice. Users can select the best florist on the basis of ratings and reviews.

  • Allow them to schedule the delivery:

Planning is very important in almost everything. Users should be able to schedule the delivery of flowers. Make sure the delivery reaches exactly on given time. For instance, a user wishes to send flowers on a friend's birthday at 12 am. The delivery should be made at 12 am exactly to keep the surprise alive.

  • Allow festive discounts:

During the time of festivals such as Christmas, offer some great deals and discounts to the users. This is the time of year when the sale of flowers increases rapidly. If you allow a discount this season, you can attract more and more loyal customers.

  • Real-time tracking:

Just the way on-demand food delivery apps allow real-time tracking of delivery, on-demand flower mobile app developers should also allow it. With this feature, the user can understand where is his order and how long will it take to get to the location. If the order is getting delayed, you should offer an option to call the delivery guy. Developers can integrate Google maps for bringing life to this feature.

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  • Social media sharing:

This feature can help you promote the app. By integrating famous social media applications with your on-demand flower delivery app, you allow users to share their experience. Users should be able to write something, upload pictures, etc.

  • Easy payment options:

Offer some really easy payment options. Allow users to make payment online through bank apps and net banking. For this, you have to integrate with third-party banking apps. You can also allow users to pay through third party e-wallet apps like PayPal. Users can also pay through debit card and credit card. Also, offer cash on delivery option.

  • Allow delivery outside the city:

The major online flower delivery apps lack this feature. You can take help of courier companies like FedEx to fulfill this demand. Allow users to send flowers outside the city. You can charge extra dollars for this service. This is one unique feature.


Starting a startup like online flower delivery app is a real challenge. Make a contract with farmers to offer fresh flowers. You need to have a really dedicated team for flower delivery and florists.

Remember! the first thing that will communicate with customers is the mobile app. Make sure the graphics are extraordinary. Let the content of the app be unique. Try to develop a user-friendly application.

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