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Assessing the Gains from E-Commerce

 Paul Dolfen, Liran Einav, Peter J. Klenow, Benjamin Klopack, Jonathan D. Levin, Larry Levin, Wayne B
Description: E-Commerce represents rapidly growing share of consumer spending in U.S. Using transactions-level data on credit & debit cards from Visa, Inc. between 2007 and 2017.
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Domain: Business
Category: Sales & Marketing
Contributing Organization: Pete Klenow
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Assessing the Gains from E-Commerce∗
Paul Dolfen

Liran Einav

Peter J. Klenow


Stanford and NBER

Stanford and NBER

Benjamin Klopack

Jonathan D. Levin

Larry Levin


Stanford and NBER

Visa, Inc.

Wayne Best
Visa, Inc.
February 2019

E-Commerce represents a rapidly growing share of consumer spending
in the U.S. We use transactions-level data on credit and debi ... See more

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