ASTPP Announced to Offer PC Dialer

 Samir Doshi

ASTPP announced to offer a PC dialer solution for businesses. It is one of the premium solutions offered by the official ASTPP community. This is a SIP Softphone available for all Windows desktops and laptops. The ASTPP experts have furnished it with a wide array of features to benefit companies.

The spokesperson of the community shared that this PC dialer solution is available for business users and service providers. The ASTPP experts will provide white label PC dialer to its customers so they can use it with their own branding elements. As per the shared details, it will have the following features:

· Contact book

· Dial pad

· Audio calling

· Instant messaging aka chat

· Call hold and retrieve

· Call transfer

· Call mute

· Call un-mute

· Call history

· Call redial

· Conference calling

· And many more

The users of ASTPP: Smart Telephony Platform can have access to more features in this PC dialer as some features are compatible with ASTPP only:

· Display account balance to users for destination call

· ASTPP Product module and PC dialer integration to automate invoicing and billing

As per the shared details, this PC dialer aka SIP softphone solution is compatible with all codecs. Also, it is compatible to work with any SIP server. This SIP dialer gives quick connectivity and easy registration facilities and it is renowned for its crystal clear voice quality.

“PC dialer is an amazing tool. It can be used within an organization to empower employees. It can also be used to provide services by the VoIP business owners. We have furnished it with the most advanced features available in this sector to make sure the users of ASTPP PC dialer can receive competitive benefits. We can also provide customization to add additional functionalities if needed”, shared spokesperson of the company.


It is an open source VoIP solution furnished with smart features. It is also known as a smart telephony platform because along with its add-ons it offers a unified telephony software solution to its users. This solution is in existence since 2003. Earlier it used to offer a comprehensive VoIP billing system to its users and now after the launch of its latest version, ASTPP 4, it offers a complete unified solution to benefit VoIP businesses and service providers. It also offers an enterprise version with premium features, solutions, and services. The highly proactive community of ASTPP has been working since the launch of ASTPP 4 to increase its functional superiority compared to any other smart VoIP solution or smart telephony system in the market. Along with this system, the community also offers premium solutions. The mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer are two premium solutions offered by the community. Both of these solutions are available with white labeling. The community has added some more features in the PC dialer and launched this transformed and advanced PC dialer solution. To know more, please visit

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