Benefits of Leadership Coaching

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Professional Executive Coaching creates the space that enables leaders (and those responsible for innovative projects) to reflect on options and possibilities. The key questions focus on key priorities, use of resources, and interdependencies. We need to separate what is really important from more urgent, but routine matters. We also need to consider the best approach, and care must be taken not to make assumptions. Executive coaching therefore helps clarify both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ issues that contribute to outstanding results.

Professional Executive Coaching is particularly valuable in helping managers to develop Thematic Thinking. In other words, the focus is on all the connections, interrelationships and actions required to achieve positive outcomes. Understanding the expectations of business partners, for example, is an essential requirement when faced with a complex project. It’s important to be aware of the constraints faced by other people, and the timescales and operational issues that will affect their performance. A good leader needs to see all the issues clearly, and Executive Coaching can support this process.

In the context of high-performance coaching, it’s important to appreciate the underlying principles that contribute to high performance. Not least, we need to be clear about the values and standards that guide our approach. This clarity also contributes to more positive, proactive thinking, which leads to effective action, backed by a clear sense of purpose. Making progress also requires awareness of how to resolve underlying issues - and taking steps to develop personal resilience.

Achieving Exceptional Performance

Exceptional performance at work always requires an appreciation of what other people expect. For the leader, team performance is strengthened when people have control over their day-to-day work and feel a sense of shared purpose. If therefore important to create the enabling conditions that support innovation and initiative. To fully understand the issues, managers can benefit from 360 degree feedback - and also build on survey information that highlights key priorities for attention. The ability to respond constructively to requirements contributes to learning agility and long-term success.

Coaching skills and the overall quality of outcomes is strengthened through the use of tools and techniques that create insight. Managers are more responsive to new approaches when they can see clear evidence of the benefits. It is therefore important for the coach to understand the competencies contributing to success and the challenges faced in a particular context. Having this insight contributes to the credibility of the coach and improves the focus on key issues.

Executive Coaching London offers tools and techniques that enhance coaching at work. Working with associates in many countries, the aim is to raise awareness of essential competencies and help companies develop effective strategies that contribute to long-term success. In many cases, this involves building on the Seven Principles for Exceptional Performance that are discussed in the Pario Handbook (pub. Sept 2019). There is a strong focus on important competencies, including the need for more effective management of interdependencies. This shortcoming (in building relationships and managing interdependencies) is an area that can really benefit from Executive Coaching.

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