Benefits of Organic Wine

 Mathew Watson

Below are some of the benefits associated with organic wine like best organic red wine:

1. Free of Synthetic Additives

Organic wine that receives the US Department of Agriculture organic certification cannot contain synthetic additives, meaning synthetic pesticides and herbicides will not be found in natural wines.

2. Free from GMOs

Organic wine is also free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are not allowed to be used on organic farms. GMO yeasts are banned from being used in organic wine production.

3. No Added Sulfites

Does best organic red wine contain sulfites? Natural wine is made with organically grown grapes, but it can still contain sulfites. As mentioned above, sulfites are naturally present in the skin of grapes so that all wine will provide at least some. However, organic winemakers claim to use only “small amounts of additives, including sulfites” or no added sulfites at all. Still, this means that organic wine is not technically sulfite-free. The total sulfite level of organic wines must be less than 20 ppm (parts per million).

4. Higher Chance of Containing Native Yeasts

Wild, natural yeasts are different than added enzymes because they are derived from the skins of grapes. Usually grown grapes (non-organic) don’t have much natural yeast present at all because pesticides typically destroy them. When the grapes are crushed, the enzyme is released, which begins the process of converting sugar to alcohol. =

Organic winemakers are encouraged to use native yeasts, but this is not mandatory. Not every organic wine will be made with only wild yeast, so you will need to do some investigating to find out which types of wine are.

5. Must Pass Certification Program Every Year

To maintain their organic status, every year, organic grape growers must be inspected by the USDA and meet all qualifications. This ensures that the winemakers continue to use only organic grapes and no synthetic additives.

6. Uses Sustainable Organic Farming and Production Methods

Organic farming practices can include the use of cover crops, green manures, animal manures, animal grazing, water conservation, use of renewable resources and crop rotations. These practices have many benefits, including helping to fertilize the soil, maintaining better quality topsoil long-term, naturally managing weeds and insects, reducing the presence of harmful bacteria or molds, and promoting biodiversity. It is very important to make sure you drink all natural wine to keep the sustainable farming alive.

7. Associated with Health Benefits

Moderate wine consumption has been linked with some of the following health benefits: higher intake of the antioxidant called resveratrol that helps fight free radical damage, improved heart health, protection against arteriosclerosis (occurs when there’s buildup of fats, cholesterol and plaque in the artery walls), decreases in triglyceride and cholesterol accumulation, protection against stroke, and reduced risk for obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The above are a few reasons to make sure you drink all natural wine rather than regular wine.

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