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Business Ecosystems Come of Age

 Mike Armstrong, Jacob Buun-Jensen, Bruce Chew, Don Derosby, William D. Eggers, William Engelbrecht,
Description: The purpose of these reports is straightforward: to provide business leaders with fresh and well-informed perspectives on important dynamics that are disrupting “business as usual.” While change is nothing new, the speed, scale, and impact of a variety of fundamental shifts—in globalization, technology, and societal expectations—are undeniably transforming the business landscape today.
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Domain: Business
Category: Leadership & Strategy
Business ecosystems
come of age

Part of the Business Trends series

Business ecosystems come of age


Preface | 2
Business ecosystems come of age | 3

Blurring boundaries, uncharted frontiers | 17
Wicked opportunities | 31
Regulating ecosystems | 43
Supply chains and value webs | 55
The new calculus of co ... See more

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