CCTV Security Cameras: Third Eye Of A Man

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It was in 1942 when the world saw its first Closed-Circuit Television Camera (CCTV), which was invented and installed by German scientists who wanted to record the launch footage of their V-2 rockets. But, in 1949 the first commercial version was available enabling businesses to track the office happenings 24x7. Before learning about its type and kind, we must learn what are actually CCTV security cameras and what are its purpose.

Surveillance Camera: What Is A CCTV Surveillance Camera?

CCTV security cameras, also known as CCTV surveillance cameras are digital devices which are used to monitor and record all the activities which are happening in the place of its installation like homes, businesses, and any other properties. Such CCTV cameras act as safety guards for your property, which records and saves whatever activities are happening around it, which becomes the third eye for its user who can see the saved recordings anytime as per his convenience. CCTV Security cameras are connected to a tape recorder or a disk and currently, its IP based versions are more popular.

Now that you have come to know the exact meaning and purpose of CCTV cameras, we will take you through some best and most important types of CCTV cameras.

Types of CCTV cameras

Now that you have come to know the exact meaning and purpose of CCTV cameras, we will take you through some best and most important types of CCTV cameras.

A Digital CCTV Camera

Images and videos are captured as digital signals by a digital CCTV camera. These digital signals are compressed and converted into a standard video format such as MPEG.

A Digital Video Recorder System:

A digital video recorder (DVR) security camera is a system which is connected to a series of security cameras which are connected to a particular monitor and a recording system. Majority of security cameras are CCTV based where the cameras are connected to a recording system with the help of video cables. A DVR security camera system with multi-channels are practically more expensive than regular IP camera system.

An IP Camera:

An Internet Protocol Camera (IP) is a digital video camera which has a feature of sending and receiving data via a computer network. IP cameras are more useful at homes and businesses houses. It is similar to a webcam which can also send and receive data via a computer.

A Wireless Security Camera:

A wireless security camera is made such that it can send video and audio signals wirelessly to a receiving device to which it is connected. Wireless cameras have two types i.e. an analog and a digital type, with digital cameras being more popular because of its accessibility over the internet.

On What Basis You Should Choose A CCTV Camera?

1.) The Storage Capacity Of A Security Camera: Security cameras can store the recorded videos and images in a tape, hard drive or an onsite storage server. But, such a manner of storage makes it susceptible and prone to damage or tampering by intruders, so it is better to store and save all the recordings on an offsite storage server for better security and safety. The storage space requirements depend on the camera’s image resolution, frame rate, compression ratio and days of retention.

2.) What Is A Camera Retention Time: A security camera can store a large number of recordings which depends on the images captured per second, video compression ratio, and the image size. Usually, a security camera offers only limited storage space because of which past recordings are saved for a preset amount of time before they are overwritten by new recordings.

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