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13th June 2019

Venom Motorsports, one of the leading distributors of pocket bikes, moped scooters, etc., has launched has announced 3 new products - Pocket Bike, Moped Scooter, and ATV. The new products are available in stores - online as well as offline. They are one of the reputed motorcycle dealers in the USA as well as Canada.

For those who don’t know, Pocket Bikes are scaled down versions of normal bikes. For instance, there are pocket bikes whose designs are based on the latest Ducati bikes. Pocket bikes, since its inception, has evolved over the years. There are pocket bikes with better designs, speed, stability, protection, and much more in markets. Besides, pocket bikes, there are superbikes, dirt bikes, moped scooters - electric and gas!

Check out Venom’s latest releases on their websites. The newly released products are mentioned below - a superbike, a moped scooter, and an ATV respectively.

Even the most reputed manufacturers release their pocket bikes without following the necessary safety checks. This pocket bikes, as venom says, is going to win the riders’ hearts.

With a 4-stroke manual clutch 125cc engine, this bike can go up to 75mph. The seat height is 30 inches and, at this height, it definitely has a lot of adrenaline rush and adventure to offer.

Everything kept aside, this superbike has speedometer - displaying RPM, mileage, temperature, time, and fuel gauge, has side mirror, LED lights, etc. It has seating for 2 people and, as per specifications, is to be ridden by riders of 5.5 feet and above.

It is street legal in all US states(including California)!

Venom Motorsports claims this close electric moped scooter to be Honda’s bike and can go up to 40 mph. This is a gas-fueled moped scooter and has become quite popular among riders just after its release.

Along with its excellent design, 50cc x21 comes with all the necessary safety precautions such as engine-kill switch, turn signal switch, horn switch, electric start switch, and many more. It is mentioned clearly in the minimum height of a rider should be a minimum of 5.5 feet.

Visit the link in the subtitle to get a full description of the product. Make sure that you wear all the safety gears and follow the traffic rules when driving a pocket bike.

For many years at length, ATVs were used more like a utility vehicle than like an All-Terrain Vehicles. Venom claims that this ATV is going to change your entire outlook of the vehicle.

This 1000w, 36V ATV is easier to control and quieter than the gas models. This makes them perfect for kids and teenage children to get introduced to the thrill of riding. It starts with the pull of a key and can go up to a distance of 40 km at a maximum speed of 20mph. It is made especially for kids of 3-4 years old to be introduced to riding.

About Venom Motorsports

Venom Motorsports has a decade of experience in providing pocket bikes, ATVs, moped scooters, etc. It has one of the largest inventories of the pocket bikes, dirt bikes, and superbikes. Find superbikes for sale at our online and offline store. You can also grab a $50 extra discount on your very first order from their online stores. Call at 1-855-984-1612 or fill this form to contact them.

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