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We at Heetsusa bring an excellent product for the adult cigarette smokers who want to get refined and safe experience of smoking by lowering the health risk. We are located in the USA and are offering the cigarettes which are filled with the tobacco and are heated by the electronic device called IQOS. We are offering heat-not-burn cigarettes that provide you with a secure alternative to inhale nicotine through the vapor or steam instead of smoke. Our iqos electronic device will heat the cigarettes without producing smoke, ash, and smell and serve you with pollution and toxin free experience for smoking. We are offering services for heets fast free shipping in USA so you can consult with us to get your pack of heat sticks with the IQOS heating device.

We are offering the heets cigarettes in different flavors to provide you with the taste filled experience for smoking. You can get heets cigarettes in three different flavors such as purple, amber, and yellow respectively. You can order one carton of heat sticks which include ten packs of 20 cigarettes each and are available at affordable price for only 74.99 dollars. By using our heat sticks, you can get your mouth filled with the flavored tobacco which does not contain harmful compound such as carcinogens that can contribute significantly in the cancer formation. So it is a secure alternative for you than smoking traditional cigarettes.

We also have adequate stock for the Philip Morris Marlboro heat sticks with different flavors to offer you the best experience for smoking. We are offering Marlboro heat sticks in three flavors such as mint, menthol, and regular respectively. You can choose any flavor as per the choice and place an online order to get free of charge delivery in a few days. You can get a pack of 200 Marlboro heat sticks by spending only 89.99 dollars.

In our vibrant product range, you can also find the IQOS electronic heating kit that is useful to heat the tobacco sticks for producing vapor. We have availability of IQOS kit in two versions such as 2.4 plus kit and IQOS 3 kit. These kits are designed for heating the tobacco with an electronic heating source to produce nicotine from the tobacco so that you can easily inhale it with the puff. You can choose kit as per your choice as both versions are highly developed with the robust working mechanism to provide you with a classy smoking experience. You can get our IQOS heating kits under an affordable price range such as 119.99 and 269.99 dollars.

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Heetsusa is a company located in the United States which is offering the service for heets fast, free shipping in the USA to the adult smokers who want to explore a safe and modern alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. It is offering the differently flavored heat sticks, Philip Morris Marlboro heat sticks, and IQOS kits to get real smoking experience without significant health risk as the IQOS kit only heat the tobacco but not burn to give smokeless tobacco inhaling facility.

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