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Corporate Identity Style Manual Example

 Gloria Consola
Description: Excellent example of how to put together a corporate indentity branding and protection style manual. A brand is power. Consistent usage of trademarks are a crucial aspect in building strong brand. The purpose of this Corporate Identity Application Style Guide is to help us sustain a unified corporate voice by synthesizing visual vocabulary into a cohesive program. Corporate Identity can be looked at in two parts: The visible part of the program—the trademark, and the strategy behind the design.
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Aurora Algae, Inc. Corporate Identity

Application Style Guide

December 2010 Release 1.3

Drawing on years of industry presence and having recently renamed the company, Aurora AlgaeTM is embarking on building it's brand anew. A brand is power. A brand greatly increases a company's chance for success. Consistent usage of the new Aurora Algae trademarks are a crucial aspect in building our strong ... See more

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