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When it comes to IT support, the field shrinks and becomes a battle of the finest. As more and more contenders enter the field, and with increasing demands for all services with the introduction of the internet and networks, the technological industry is still growing. Around here, there are a number of IT service providers in Hamilton that one can choose from, PC Techsbeing the last standing on the field.

Who We Are

PC Techs is not just a shop that deals with computer repair in Hamilton. We are a highly specialized team of industry professionals who bring together decades of combined experience in everything IT. With over 17 years of experience to boast off, you can always be assured that you are dealing with the experts when you work with us.

Our Areas of Specialization

Among the areas that we can serve you in include managed IT, hosting, custom website development, digital marketing,checkup and tuneups, and computer repairs. With our team, therefore, you get your desired results and an all-in-one solution starter-pack for any existing or startup business.

Business Solutions

At Pc Techs, we also have our services categorized in the best ways possible. This we do to ensure that we serve every client with the right custom products and services. As such, we have:

· Business Solutions: - they include managed IT services, security, network support, backup and recovery, cloud solutions, and onsite services.

· Home Solutions:- services include repairs and upgrades, remote support utility, home theater, and checkup and tuneup.

· Web development: - for commercial and personal needs.

· Digital Marketing:- options include SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing.

· App Development: - products include EZSchedule and EZTrack and custom projects for your business.

With us next to you at the helm, your IT department will be revamped and will shoot up to a whole new level. You can trust us to deliver beyond your expectations in whichever field that you choose to engage us in.

If you are in need of any of the services mentioned above, do not hesitate to call 905.662.7333 and visit for more details.

Business Name : Pc Techs

Country/Region:- Canada

Street Address:- 442 Millen Rd #6, Stoney Creek

City:- Stoney Creek

State:- Ontario

Phone No:- (905) 662-7333


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