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ICSE Class 10 Economics Applications essentially focuses on acquainting students with basic economic concepts and phenomena. Therefore at Extramarks, the focus for preparing for the ICSE class 10 Economics Application is to firstly help students form a strong foundation of basic concepts. Without conceptual clarity, the practical application of the subject might become extremely difficult and students might struggle in understanding more complex, subsequent topics. Concepts are the building blocks of academic success and therefore Extramarks emphasizes on it. Extramarks has an expert team of academicians and ensures customized mentor assistance in all ways possible to adapt the information to best suit students at different levels of learning. The primary goal is to bring to all students to complete conceptual clarity and to then progress further. Extramarks by its Learn-practice-test pedagogy further helps create clarity amongst students to understand the concepts of economic applications essential to do well in class 10 exams. Extramarks has devised several tools for students to utilize and by which they can apply the concepts they have learned so far. The idea is that concepts till not put to the application, in fact, cannot be truly appreciated and understood. Therefore Extramarks with its practice facilities allows the student to truly apply and understand what they have student till now. This also helps students acquire a more in-depth understanding of the subject and at the same time equips the students to analyze the economic problems which generally one is surrounded by and may normally come across. Extramarks support does not stop at mere learning and practice exercise but immerses the student in detailed testing of the knowledge acquired. By taking up tests specifically designed according to the ICSE Economic Applications syllabus the student gets a thorough practice of the topics covered and also a holistic evaluation of actual progress and conceptual clarity. It helps students assess not only where they stand in terms of their syllabus but also the problem areas where more focus and practice is required. Furthermore, Extramarks with its adaptive and dynamic learning pattern can help simplify even the toughest concepts of ICSE class 10 economics applications customised to the particular needs of every student. Extramarks strives for students to fall in love with learning and understand with high-performance pressure a subject like the economic application. This can seem daunting and therefore Extramarks brings for the students subject-expert mentors to guide, support and assist you at every step .

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