Google Introduces New G Suite Security Enhancements to Aid Businesses

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Some know it as “Google Apps for Work,” the G Suite offers a good set of tools that aid mostly small scale businesses. It works upon user familiarity that enhances employee communication and workflow ethics.

For businesses on a tight budget, G Suite is the perfect tool for a profound workplace organization. Earlier Google announced that phones running on Android 7.0 or higher can be switched to a security key for G Suite accounts 2-step verification, along with few more security enhancements that will improve the overall companies security.

However, some of the features introduced are still in beta, even though they are available to users in the G Suite editions.

New Gmail Improved Enhancements

For email security, Gmail now supports SMTP MTA Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) by looking at a public certificate for authentication and secure encryption for email in transit (TLS 1.2 or higher). It includes a new internet standard, the “MTA-STS” that will enhance email security by working as a shield against monitoring mail traffic and overcoming man-in-the-middle attacks told by Google.

The MTA-STS policies can be set in place to secure your email communications by asking the corporations with how they communicate to set the MTA-STS policies for their mailing servers to improve it. Any organization can turn on MTA-STS for their domain along with SMTP TLS reporting which will ensure that external mail server connected to it will notify any occurring problem so admins can take action against it to fix the security issue.

With the enhancements made, an organizations G Suite admin will have better control for advanced protocols such as malware protection, anti-phishing and on security sandbox to safely analyzing the side effects on the operating system (OS) after attaching a malicious attachment.

This method is uncommon, but by virtually opening the attachment in a secure, controlled environment, the effects on the operating system can be analyzed to detect threats like ransomware and malware injected through embedded scripts (files having macros or .js files).

Keep in mind online security is vulnerable even with the most advanced security options available. It is always recommended to use security tools for robust security while communicating through emails. It would ensure that your server and the network remains safe at all times, removing any doubt for malware, phishing, and spams.

G Suite Security Center Changes

Google brought a fully packed security alteration within which a new beta program is offered that will aid admin to assess their organization's risk against security issues and explore how much the company is exposed. This will be possible with collaboration of colleagues to implement them through automatic features.

This beta program will enable to send notifications to the alert center where analysts and admins will take ownership to work together and update security statuses after investigating it. As a whole, the enhancements in the alert center will improve the overall experience of the alert system on G Suite.

Free security assessments for apps on G Suite Marketplace

Google now offers app developers the feasibility to submit their apps to a third party firm for review, which is inclusive of deployment review, policy and procedure review and penetration tests. Apps that will pass the security assessment will be awarded a security badge on their Marketplace listing.

This will later help admins to locate apps with the keyword of “security badge” to meet their organization's policies and whitelist them for the employees.

Challenges Faced by Google

Google has been trying to penetrate the market by showcasing G Suite benefits and productivity apps. It remains second to Microsoft Office. The biggest challenge faced by Google is to achieve a broader perspective and audience to make them adopt the products which are not identical to PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel and other Microsoft apps.

Microsoft has been around for a while, and it has its roots in the majority of the enterprises giving them an edge over Google apps because of the customization involved in Microsoft. That is why switching businesses and corporations from Microsoft to G Suite is tough.

But with the new security enhancements, G Suite is offering more to businesses that lack the budget, by introducing new improved security features, the service offers a lot more in a lesser price compared to Microsoft.

With G Suite you can avail three pricing plans:

  • Basic plan at $6

  • Business plan at $12

  • Enterprise plan at $25

The Basic and Enterprise plan comes with a free trial where users can avail the service before making a purchase. As an individual looking to expand its own venture or already has a small business, these prices are flexible enough.


With the scope and history of Google, users will always opt to use its services including the G Suite. That being said, with the latest security features upgrade and addition, the G Suite offers a lot more than it previously did catering to entrepreneurs and businesses.

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