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Grasp The 5g Era, Develop Ai Pulse By Gsm Association

 GSM Association
Description: Grasp the 5g era, Develop Ai Pulse is for Ultra-fast speed, interactivity & Connectivity. In the 5G era, there will be a lot of applications beyond our imagination.
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Domain: Business
Category: Entrepreneurial
Contributing Organization: GSM Association
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Grasp the 5G era, develop AI pulse

2019 We are witnessing a great change
Extremely fast network, lower access delay,
massive device connectivity, technical drive and demand traction


Continuous breakthroughs in machine perception,
cognition, big data processing, and motion control.


Why is 5G so popular?

5G is a fundamental change in the
basic logic of communication from
voice t ... See more

Huawei Cloud X: New Services in 5G Era

Cloud x new services consist of a cloud app, broad pipe, smart device. Huawei cloud VR service helps move PC VR application to the cloud. Cloud x support telcos to explore new busi

24 April, 2019