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 Abhinav Shashtri

Maniks has enhanced Pulse Diaphragm Valve and pulse fly valve for turnaround beat stream sack channels, with new outline and advancement offering exactly built valve of market require.

MANIKS Pulse Diaphragm Valves are perfect to supplant existing spare diaphragm innovation in applications, for example, turn around stream pack houses and tidy authorities, pneumatic passing on and mass material dealing with. The fast activity other than sparing of compacted air gives stun wireless transmission to dislodging of clean from channel packs. High stream, long life and quick spare diaphragm activity deliver solid and conservative task.

Working Principle:

The electromagnetic Pulse Diaphragm Valve is made out of electromagnetic pilot administrator, spare diaphragm and valve body. Because of contrast of weight following up on two sides of the spare diaphragm, the spare diaphragm is squeezed nearly against the outlet of valve to keep the valve remains in “shut” position.

At the point when empowered by an electric flag from the controller, the electromagnetic armature will move to open the release opening of back cavity. The packed air in back cavity blasts out to alleviation weight and pressurized air in front cavity pushes up the spare diaphragm to open the principle outlet of valve, at that point the electromagnetic Pulse Diaphragm Valve opens and begins to blow.

At the point when the flag vanishes and the spring works promptly to send the pilot administrator back to its unique position and close the releasing opening. The spare diaphragm will close the entry by the impact of the weight in the front cavity and the spring. The beat valve quits blowing.

Maniks beat valves are worked by necessary solenoid pilot administrator. At the point when the valve is invigorated, the caught air above Pulse Diaphragm Valve spare diaphragm is immediately depleted causing quick opening of principle spare diaphragm valve. At the point when the pilot valve is de — invigorated, air escapes through drain opening of principle beat valve to adjust the spare diaphragm weight and in a split second shuts the valve.

Our Specialty:

The first and the principal strength of Manik’s Pulse Diaphragm Valve is its diminished cost of possession in light of fewer spans for downtime and lower air utilization. Accessible spool units are all that anyone could need particularly amid support of the framework. The seals are made out of extensive variety of mixes like Vitron, Nitrile and Proprietary Compounds. For viable wash down reason they are naturally fixed. The mystery of the life span of Manik’s Pulse Diaphragm Valve is its reinforced pool plan. Carrier tainting is kept away from on account of the adjusted pneumatic Pulse Diaphragm Valve development.

Highlights of Dust Collector Valve:

Spring less Design, Reliable Function, Higher Performance, Epoxy covering, prevalent erosion protection, Ease of support, no rust sticking, Lower control utilizations, higher spare diaphragms life, Ease of establishment.


Features of Dust Collector Valve:

• Electrical Standard Voltage

• AC 50Hz. 24/220 Volts,

• DC… 24/Volts,

• Fluctuation — + — 10%

• 20 W DC Current

• 19 VA AC Current

• Maximum Medium Temperature 650C

• Maximum Ambient Temperature 550C

Use of Dust Collector Valve:

• Electromagnetic beat valve, additionally called spare diaphragm valve goes about as a “switch” for packed air in the tidy clean blowing framework for beat sack channels. It is controlled by the electric signs from the beat stream control gadget. This framework cleans the channel packs group by bunch with high-weight blowing to keep the weight protection of the sack house inside a pre-set range, and hence guarantee the preparing ability and increases productivity of bag house.

• This Pulse Diaphragm Valve offer remarkable potential for exactness control of Laser Spectroscopy Gas Analysis. Joining fast, ultra-low release rate, high stream, and high temperature capacity in a little size; this tough valve works with extraordinary repeatability and is developed of non-consuming, passivity stainless steel. Pulse Diaphragm Valve curls is evaluated for nonstop obligation and is pruned to bar the earth.

About us:

For reverse pulse jet bag filters, Maniks has developed pulse and pilot valves and it has been coined as per the market demands. For rapid open and close of the valve the spring less design is responsible and is rarely found in other Pulse Diaphragm Valve brands. The highly compressed shock air waves are used for blowing away the dust from the filter bags thereby keeping it clean and neat.


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