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Honest Jungle Scout Review From an Actual User Is It Worth It

Okay, you are thinking about purchasing Jungle Scout... For a long time, I happen to be researching on Amazon to find the excellent products that I can sell and Jungle Scout is probably the most powerful tool for any FBA seller. It is an excellent tool if you know how to use it but the info it presents doesn't really mean anything if you do not understand to interpret it. That having been said, it is just a tool and tools might help support an idea however they won't create you. Jungle Scout is excellent for getting an notion of the "health" of a specific niche market you will be interested in, but that's about this. Another thing about Jungle Scout (or any tool out there) all of them are focused on the quantitative metrics (BSR, estimated yearly sales, projected profit after fees and so on) and less on the qualitative metrics. Quality in my mind at least should get the difference between a successful product and a mediocre one. Jungle Scout does not read reads reviews nevertheless, you should read. So be careful out there. Do your homework as you would with any business idea. Jungle Scout has an internet app which allows the users to search a database of the items on Amazon that sell well. It also has an Chrome extension, which allows the users to take a position to display information on various pages of these products.

So what is the difference between the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and Jungle Scout Web Program?

These two apps operate closely together while addressing different needs during the product research phase. However, they have been completely different. Chrome Extension is for helping the users in gathering specific data and information about a certain product on Amazon. They Are Typically installed in the Google-Chrome Browser, thus operating from the inside of this Amazon Website. Jungle Scout Web Program, however, helps the users to locate products from various filters as well as tracing tracking the products over time whose data has already been accumulated by the Chrome Extension. The Web App is not on but it runs in the cloud of this Jungle Scouts website, also it has various features.

Jungle Scout Web App

The web application is intended to assist you find products according to certain criteria that you choose which is similar to a search engine yet intended for sellers (to let them have ideas). Certainly one of the features within the Internet Program is your product database, that allows one to be able to filter out the Amazon's catalogue that includes those filters which are relevant to sellers just. Here you can filter based to most of possible criteria to locate and analyze the interesting products.

Select your market and one or more categories
Set your desired filters such as price and weight (pounds maybe not kilos), quantity of ratings and minimal sales per month
Make sure You're interested in FBA, FBM or Amazon sold products
You can add or exclude keywords, which works nicely for materials eg exclude "stainless steel" if you would like
Below You'll Find the corresponding results listed

Jungle Scout database results Another feature within the Web App is the product tracker, that allows you to track with time to track the sales, stock, and best-sellers rank as well as every other relevant information. The tool is just a classic tracker which saves you so to say the "999 Trick" but automated allowing you to monitor the inventory of whatever ASIN you desire. Add the product to the cart, up the QTY to 999, if they've less then it'll show how many that they have in stock. Repeat this process multiple days in a row to see the way a product's volume changes to receive a good concept of sales. Jungle Scout product tracker Exporting results and tracking over several days (weeks and maybe per month) is critical because you can not recognize if some business just bought 50 units of these the day before, and the Amazon rank is temporarily inflated. Niche Hunter is your last area of the Web App, which you use when finding specific niches depending on such things as requirement, competition, among other criteria that are relevant. Jungle Scout niche hunter within this tool, you set up only some variables and wait for what happens. From the case above, I removed all the filters and also results are... Jungle Scout niche hunter Having these ideas about Jungle Scout, you can now simply log into Amazon, run on the Jungle Scouts on the key important works which you've chosen and identify these products that you may be interested in. Next, you can now use the product tracker on the web app, which will assist you to see over those products to get a period. The reason it is important to track watching those products over the years is that you simply get to understand if the information was consistent or if it was placed at the bestseller rank to ensure it didn't alter the estimated sales or revenue. You need to feel certain about your product, and that is the reason why consistency is very important.

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