How BA in Mass Communication prepares you for a career in advertising

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Advertising is one of the most creatively satisfying careers out there. From preparing a comprehensive marketing brief to writing copy that sells, the entire process will challenge your creative thinking to its limit. However, upon achieving your goals, you will find immense satisfaction in your work at the end of a campaign.

So, if a career in advertising interests you, opt for a course that will prepare you for it. One such course is BA in Mass communication - a three-year undergraduate course that covers various aspects of mass media and offers specialization in advertising. What will you learn about advertising? Let's find out!

1. How Advertising Helps Brand Awareness

Branding is a concept that distinguishes a company from the rest. It includes name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that is distinctive from the rest of the generic sellers. Therefore, to imprint this brand in the minds of the masses, brand awareness is essential. Advertising helps in achieving it.

Advertising focuses on acquiring customers and driving sales. As a result, companies implement paid campaigns, which are written and designed in a way that puts the brand's message across to the target audience. The platforms used are various media forms such as newspapers, magazines, posters, television, and social media. A powerful ad creates a good reputation of the brand and improves its recall.

You will learn about this concept in detail while studying this course.

2. The Art of Copywriting

Copywriting is one of advertising's key elements that aim to persuade prospective customers to take action in the form of buying a product or service. Copies can be in the form of jingles, taglines, social media posts, newspaper advertisements, magazine covers, and more.

From what is copywriting to what are the guidelines for writing good copies, you will have in-depth knowledge of this subject by the end of this course.

3. The Process of Advertising Planning

Advertising planning involves creating a communication strategy for the target audience and implementing it on mediums such as newspaper ads, billboards and various social media platforms.

In this course, you will learn how to create a strategy with the help of the following steps:

Map out your goals and objectives

Allocate resources that will help in fulfilling these goals and objectives.

Measuring results for the advertising campaign.

4. Role of Psychology in Advertising

The goal of an advertisement is to appeal to the customer. To achieve that, it is vital to design an ad that taps into human psychological elements. It is possible with the help of visuals, colour scheme and persuasive copy. By doing so, the ad will elicit emotional responses from the consumer.

You will learn more about this concept in your second year of BA in Mass Communication.

With the help of the concepts discussed above, this course thoroughly prepares you for a career in advertising. If you wish to opt for this course, join one of the mass communication colleges in Pune or elsewhere. All the best!

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