How does the andhra pradesh contribute to indian handicraft ?

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Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India which is the tenth most highly population area in India. It is situated on the south east coast area of India. Talking in the case of handicrafts, Andhra Pradesh is famous for needle work, metal crafts and stone handicrafts, bronze castings.

The embroidery work and the needle crafts is done by the Banjara community of the state. These people are very well skilled in crafting and needle work on designing the patterns on clothes.

Bronze casting is the art which is related to the making of bronze idols and statues. These are also also known as dhyanas and these are made on the basis of shilpa and vastu shastra rules. The basic quality of the idols is this that it is made from the different coating layers of the different clays.

In addition to this, budithi brassware is the unique art of Andhra Pradesh. Basically originating from the village culture, in it beautiful shapes are created from the metalware.

Besides this the bidri art is also very unique art form in the Andhra Pradesh. It is mainly art of Hyderabad. on it the silver coating work is performed on the different metal solid castings. The metal can be zinc, copper, tin or any other alloy metal. It is today used in making the boxes of pencils, size boxes, paper cutters, spoons and flower vases, buttons, and solid trays.

The Nirmal art is also a unique offering of Andhra Pradesh to the world. In it an object is made with more clarity and transparency and the different colours are used to make these objects. With this Veena manufacturing is also the main offering of Andhra Pradesh without which the musical instruments are incomplete.

In addition to this kondapalli toys are also very famous. These toys usually show the visuals of deities or the routine daylife of the village people. hese toys are made on the using the tamarind power and seed paste.

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