How Machine Learning And AI Is Revolutionizing Content Marketing

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Machine learning and Artificial intelligence refer to the machines with capabilities to mimic cognitive functions, which it is associated with the human mind, most notably learning and problem-solving. We know that machine learning and artificial intelligence are already playing a significant role in the field of content marketing. With the help of streamline processes at a time of immense content overload.

Automatically Generate Content

With artificial intelligence, marketers will automatically be generating the content for simple stories such as sports reports and also updates. You have probably even read content written by an algorithm without noticing it. Companies such as the Yahoo, Associated Press, and Fox have been using them for quite some time.

Deploy Chatbots To Interact With Users

Chatbots are computer programs that will utilize artificial intelligence to mimic conversation with the users. One example is in Facebook Messenger, the uses chatbots to carry out quasi-conversations with the users, answering queries and also concerns in real time. Companies like Uber and 1-800 Flowers may utilize Facebook Messenger chatbots to allow users to request a ride without having to open the application. The Facebook Messenger chatbots will be used to send the promotional content if a user initiates the interaction.

Custom News Feed Algorithms

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram to customizing the users’ news feeds. It allows them only to see the posts they are interested in. This social networks may analyze hundreds of variables and can predict with the reasonable accuracy which posts a user will comment, like, hide, or mark as spam.

In order to, algorithms give relevancy scores to social media advertising so users only see the ads they might be interested in. This information must help the marketers to understand which type of content visitors find to engage. Marketers create similar content to enhance their social engagement. Knowing which ads your target audience are likely to click as well as it helps you to create your own Facebook advertisements.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence creates businesses huge efficient. It helps so many companies understand an individual customer and personalizing the content that appeals to their interests and needs. It also dramatically affects lead scoring a points system utilize to determining where your prospects are in the buyer journey. Predictive lead scoring allowing the marketers to fast-track the sales process with ascertaining when the customers are ideal for converting, depend on their past behaviors and history.

Curate And Create Content

Curating engaging and relevant content on a normal basis is not a simple task. It will take significant time and energy to sift via content though. Let alone to curate something that is both relevant to what your audience wants to read, and engaging.

Ultimately, we do not create content just for the sake of creating content. Our goal is to moving a prospect through the awareness stages so that they are more likely to buy a product. In this artificial intelligence helps marketers to build relevant content for their audiences at every stage of the marketing funnel. To boost engagement and ultimately, conversion for any offers you advertise to them.

Creating A Better Customer Experience

Imagine one of the users will interacting with an intelligent computer to solving a problem instead of filling out a standard form. Especially, Watson will not only be able to help them with their next query. It will able to direct them to relevant marketing materials that the user may need in the future.

Two great examples that demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence are the Hilton Hotels and North Face. The North Face uses a bot that is attempting to recreating the store shopping experience. The bot asks a small series of questions to shoppers about their jacket preferences and recommends options based on the user’s selections.

AI Shaping The Future Of Content Marketing

The practice of collecting fundamental demographic information from consumers to develop a successful business marketing strategy is one of the past.

Nowadays, there had been an important shift in the way that businesses will interact with customers. This digital space has spread so far and wide that it will be lastingly influenced by virtually everything we do. In the final analysis, the conventional approaches to marketing that were prevalent even as early as a few years ago are considered severely ineffective today.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Content Marketing

Let’s highlight the four primary advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing.

Artificial intelligence is gradually redefining Content Marketing. Marketers who harness in Artificial Intelligence technology in their campaigns and marketing strategies are well equipped for contributing to the success of business organizations.

  • Artificial intelligence enables personalized customer interactions
  • Artificial intelligence enhances marketing campaigns
  • Artificial intelligence helps to push relevant content to the Right Audiences


Machines are incredible for gathering a lot of information and helping the writers ideate, create, sharing, and analyzing more useful content for the targeted audiences. At the same time, machine learning to develop valuable content will be the standard soon, for now, some human interaction is still required. However, there is dedicated attempts being made to create artificial intelligence technology more affordable, cost-effective, and simply accessible, which it should be propel the development and wider adoption of AI across several industries.

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