How to Select a Good Reception Desk Suitable For Your Business?

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Reception Desk is the first thing that any person observes when he/she enters into an office, hotel, Salon, Clinic, educational institute or any other kind of establishment. Do you remember the saying ‘The first impression is the last impression’? A good looking and stylish reception desk can help to establish that first good impression because it is the first thing a customer will notice after entering through the front gate. That is why reception Desks are very important from a business perspective.

Remember reception desk maintains the brand image of any enterprise because it is where customers wait and ask questions about services, clear their queries. This is where they are offered a welcome smile and easy guide.

Today in this blog we are going to talk about ‘How to choose a reception desk?’ A modern looking, expensive and multifunctional reception desk doesn’t fall into the category of good-reception-desks because the selection of a reception desk depends on the interior of the room, It should also counter style theme of the room. It has to emphasize the shape and size of the room.

The most important aspects of the selection of a reception desk are its size, shape, and material from which it is made.

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The Size of a Reception Desk

The size of a reception desk depends on the size of the waiting room. Before purchasing any kind of reception desk, it is important to consider all measurements of your reception or waiting room. A large reception desk in a small room occupies most of the available space and will diminish usable space for guest and for the staff. If the desk is comparatively larger in a small room then the room will look cramped. If you choose a small desk in a large room then it won’t be possible to allocate the necessary space for a receptionist to work and the room will look disproportioned. So, you select the size wisely depend on the size of your waiting area.

The Shape of a Reception Desk

The Reception desks are available in different shapes such as single surface reception desk, L-shaped reception desk, Round shaped reception desk, U-shaped reception desk etcetera.

Single surface reception desks are widely used in restaurant and hospitals. These kinds of desks have a flat writing surface which can be used by receptionists as well as guests and customers to write their reviews. This desk may have a straight or curved surface and available in different sizes. It may occupy one or more receptionists depend on its size.

L-shaped reception desk provides some additional space for a receptionist to work. It has the main desk and a turn that provides additional workspace. L-shaped desks are mainly used by single receptionist but it is also available in various sizes.

Round shaped reception desk is mainly used for the large waiting room. Round shaped desks are the most stylish one among all other shapes. They can be the center of attraction for the entire room. It has mostly glassed surface.

U-shaped reception desks are the largest one among all. It has two additional workspaces and it can mostly be used by more than one receptionists. The surface of a U-shaped desk maybe straight or may be curved.

There is one more type of reception desk which is known as ADA Reception Desk. In this type of desks, an additional ADA counter added at a lower height than the main counter which is suitable for a person on wheelchair. ADA counters are about 33’’ high.

Material for a reception desk

The desk can be made out of different types of materials such as Laminate, Metal, Glass, Wood Veneer, etc.

Wood Veneer Desks are for those who want real wood desks but in price much lesser. In wood Veneer desks have a thin layer of real wood on the top, although it has the same base as most of the laminate furniture. In a comparison of Laminate, wood veneer desks ask for more care and difficult to clean. Wood veneer can give rich look to your desk and furniture.

Laminate Desks are scratch proof and also don’t dent easily. That is why it is the best option in the office where the traffic density is high. It also an affordable option and its maintenance and cleaning are pretty easy in comparison of other desks. Laminate Desks are the best option for business offices.

Metal Desks are not necessarily made entirely from metal. It has a wooden or glass top and the entire structure is supported by a metal framework.

Glass reception desks have a metal base with the top surface covered by thick glass the top from shattering. The advantage of using glass desk is that it is very easy to clean the glass surface but sometimes glass displays fingerprints which are irritating.

The functionality of a reception desk

After finalizing the size and shape of the reception desk, one should look for the functionality and facilities it provides. A good reception desk should have enough working space for a receptionist. It also has storage facilities for files and other essential documents as well as facilities for electronic equipment such as a laptop or personal computer. A reception desk should be such a way that it provides enough space to store documents of different category separately and things should not look messy. In short, a person working should have a stress free environment which is important if you want a customer to have that first good impression.

Style and Design

Style and Design of a reception desk are not as important as the above factors for the selection of a reception desk. Although a well-designed, modern styled reception desk has its own effect on the conscience of customers and guests. Style and design of the desk entirely depend on your business concept. You can give the desk a more traditional approach or you can make it look much more appealing by giving it a high-tech look. For style and design, the only limitation is your imagination. Choose the style depends on which kind of environment you want to establish in a person’s mind who might be your potential customer. Click here for more informative articles.

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