Hull and Machinery Insurance by The MECO Group Compensates Shipowners of All Sizes

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The MECO Group is a global team of marine insurers offering high-quality products and consultancy service for clients of all sizes. Its Transmarine Trade Disruption Policy compensates clients for a range of incidents directly affecting their business operations.

[London, 11/09/2019] – The shipping industry is the lifeblood of the global economy, accounting for 90 per cent of world trade. Despite the opportunities for profit, shipping businesses are prone to numerous risks, such as adverse weather conditions or a collision that may damage a ship's hull and machinery and other systems.

The MECO Group offers hull and machinery insurance for clients of all sizes, from small ships to multi-national cargo vessels. The policy is developed with shipowners in mind and is underwritten by Lloyd's of London, one of the oldest marine markets in the world.

The MECO Group's Transmarine Trade Disruption Policy

The Transmarine Trade Disruption Policy compensates a shipowner if their ship is involved in an incident that directly affects their business. These incidents include:

• Adverse weather and natural disasters

• Collision

• Emergency port closure

• Grounding

• Illness, death or injury

• Machinery breakdown

• Oil or chemical pollution

• Piracy

• Stowaways on board

• Strikes onboard or ashore

The MECO Group acts as the agent, handling the claims and looking after the interests of the client. Clients can expect excellent service, as the company has a close working relationship with a wide network of correspondents, lawyers, surveyors and other professionals in the global shipping industry.

About The MECO Group

The MECO Group is a global team of dedicated, experienced and trustworthy marine insurers. For the past 40 years, the company has been providing consultancy services and first-class insurance products to the international shipping and logistics market. The MECO Group has three regional hubs in London, Dubai and Shanghai.

The company offers innovative insurance policies with first-rate security. Their highly knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping clients identify and manage risk more effectively to minimise disruption in their operations. The MECO Group also provides consultancy services in drafting shipping contracts and resolving disputes.

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