Important Characteristics Of The Best DC To DC Converters

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DC-DC converters are basically the electronic circuits or the electromechanical device that converts the direct current (DC) source from one voltage source to the other. It is a typical electrical power converter, wherein the power-level ranges from very low (small batteries) to very high (high-voltage power transmission).

These types of converters are primarily used for industrial processes. It helps change one level of DC voltage to another level of DC voltage. For instance, you can have a solar power system for charging up your batteries and in place of using a resistor that has a high-energy difference; the DC/DC converter is helpful in converting one source of voltage to another much more efficiently. DC to DC converters are used for the following purposes:

To step-down the voltage from a high voltage source to a lower voltage source.

To match loads and power supply.

To isolate secondary and primary circuits.

Important characteristics of DC-DC converters:


It is the fraction of input power that reaches the load. There are some dc-dc converters that are 90% efficient. When these converters are used, it is good to ensure that the source that is supplying power to these converters can provide sufficient power to account for the inefficiency.

Current Rating

This is the optimum amount of current that users should aim to have. A dc to dc converter can provide more than this amount but it may get hot.

Temperature Rating

If the maximum temperature in which a DC/DC converter runs in full load is crossed, the converter can get overheated or even damaged and shut down as a preventive measure.

Ripple Voltage

This rating is done for measuring the maximum ripple voltage as an output. You should always make sure that a converter’s voltage ripples meet your requirements.

These converters use closed feedback loops for providing the regulated outputs. Changes in the input voltage may result in temporary shifts. If the converter has a regulation rating of one per cent in no case can it deviate more than that. When handled carefully, these loops can provide a more regulated and desirable output.Visit to learn more about the company and discover all of their amazing products.

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